Books And The Ballet

Early Saturday I woke to the sound of rain and before even getting out of bed I immediately thought, “I can’t stand ANOTHER day of this rain.” My hair was frizzy, my brain was frizzy, my mood…it was frizzy.

Soccer games were canceled for the day and the hubby was going to be working until 4. I needed a plan and a cheap one at that since we’re trying to save money toward several home improvement projects. I could have gone for the lazy route and just stayed home all day in my pajamas with them which sounded appealing, but an hour into the morning the girls were glued to the TV and I could practically see tiny brain cells catapulting themselves from their ears. I knew I could go the Easy Mac route and take them to the movies but I’d fork over more than $20 for tickets for the three of us, not to mention I can’t resist popcorn or Milk Duds. I’d looked up ideas for family activities late Friday and read that the downtown public library was having a great free program. The Nashville Ballet was presenting The Story of Ferdinand, a sweet classic children’s book first published in 1936 about a bull who loves nothing more than to daydream and lazily swat after butterflies all day.

We snagged front row seats and sat back and enjoyed the wonderful performance. Then we headed upstairs to the children’s section where Miss C proceeded to oooh and aaaah over the rows and rows of chapter books.

When life hands you rain girls, you just put on your boots and hit downtown.

Ferdinand Nashville Library

I am a big fan of the Marionette Shows at the main library branch downtown on Church Street and they’ll be putting on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in October. Check it out. It’s spooky, free fun for the kids!


  1. Rebecca says:

    Nicely played, lady.
    That children’s ballet is fabulous. We went a while back, and my husband and I were impressed. We have a copy of Munro Leaf’s The Story of Ferdinand that was my husband’s as a kid, and I read it a few extra times before we went, which I think helped my really little ones.
    The first time I saw the puppet theater at the main library, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Another reason why I love Nashville.
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..And it only costs 44 cents =-.

  2. Steph. says:

    You get an A on your Mommy Report Card this week for this one. What a cute picture of your girls posing there! And, the marionette show? Wow, I’d be all over that if I lived there. Too fun!

  3. Jamie says:


    I’m usually a B- sort of yeah lets throw on a DVD kind of rainy Saturday mom, but this was one of those OHMYGODWEMUSTGETOUTOFTHEHOUSE days. It rained for like 15 days straight here. Our feet were starting to web.


    The marionette shows are amazing, aren’t they? They’ve been doing them since I was a kid!
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..Books And The Ballet =-.

  4. Jamie says:

    Also I just want ya’ll to know I am so not THAT MOM who is very with it and plans wonderful enrichment activities for her children on a regular basis.


    But this was great fun. 😉
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..Books And The Ballet =-.

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