When They Are Bad They Are Very, Very Bad, But When They Are Good They Are Adorable


Sheet tent courtesy of the hubby, master sheet tent maker, a skill that comes in handy since it’s been raining for 40 days and 40 nights, or at least it feels that way.

Do you have daughters? Do they fight? Do they get along splendidly one moment and squabble the next? Do boys do this or am I just “blessed,” and by blessed I mean driven to always keep an emergency bottle of wine on hand on the weekends?

I’m the baby of the family, yes I know I am 40 years old but I am still technically the baby so shutup, and my sisters are more than 10 years older than me so I just didn’t have the same type of sibling closeness slash rivalry slash “GIVE ME THAT! THAT’S MINE” dynamic. My girls are 33 months apart, which apparently is just the right age for playing, and fighting, together. They do both very well, but thankfully the peaceful times outnumber the infighting.


  1. Amy@UWM says:

    I think you and I live the same life. My girls are exactly like yours. Playing peacefully one minute, screaming at each other the next. My husband and I both had brothers growing up and my husband was also 10 years older than his brother. So this “delightful” (and I by “delightful” I mean “ear-splitting”) phenomenon of sisters is new to us too.
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  2. Beth says:

    I have 3 girls and I feel your pain. They are 13, 8 and 8. The last 2 were born at the same time. Commonly referred to as twins. They constantly bicker, get along, annoy, fight, hug on and get on each other’s nerves. They are also very sensitive to subtle nuances in each other’s behavior, similar to the way women are in general. One disdainful look, or an irritated tone of voice can set any of them off at any time. Add myself into the mix, can we can get carried away on a wave of drama in a NY second. My husband often has to step in and settle everyone down!
    Love your blog – your girls are precious.

  3. Ernestine says:

    Jamie – it was just – you and me. It was great.
    Now your sister’s were 19 months apart and they were like Caity and Amelia.
    Only difference – dad did not do the things my special soninlaw does.
    These will one day – only be memories.

  4. Urban Mom says:

    My girls are 39 months apart. Yesterday, they could not bear to be parted when I dropped off Urban Kid 1 for her piano class. The teacher commented about how sweet they were to each other. This was especially weird because they were fighting so loudly in the car on the way there that I wanted to drop them off on the side of the road!
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  5. Jamie says:

    Well I’m glad I’m not “alone” in my pain…heh.

    Estrogen just seems to add the extra wave of drama as Beth put it. And then there are those times of the month when it’s like a tsunami so I’m REALLY looking forward to the teen years! 😉

    Right now the girls are watching the new Barbie movie so all is good. It’s raining again today, though, in Nashville so I know there will be some intervention time if we’re cooped up in the house too much.
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..When They Are Bad They Are Very, Very Bad, But When They Are Good They Are Adorable =-.

  6. Vanderbilt Wife says:

    My sister and I are 31 months apart. Yes, it is wonderful to have a playmate. But yes, we fought like the dickens. I will tell you, those middle school years will not be fun. Be once I got into high school, we made peace and I loved having such a fun sister. We were and still are close as close can be. I hope Misses C and A will be too!
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    *Your children are absolutely precious!
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