PJs With A Purpose

We’re headed to the Nashville Zoo today (mentally squirts hand sanitizer) but I wanted to share a quick e-mail I received from my friends at Sprout TV on Friday.

Sprout Pajama Program

Sprout TV has partnered with the Pajama Program, a wonderful non-profit which provides a new pair of PJs and a bedtime book for children in need.

Sprout is trying to reach its goal of 75,000 pairs of pajamas by Oct. 1 through The Great Tuck-In Program!

There are three easy ways you can help:

  • Organize and lead a donation drive
  • Invite family and friends over for a pajama party with purpose
  • Make a donation (monetary or box up PJs and books to mail in)

There’s nothing cozier than a new pair of pajamas. Don’t you agree?


My girls, February 2007, in their new pink flannel nightgowns. (Seriously could I not find a more recent picture of them in matching PJs? Uh, that would be no.) But I do love this picture.

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