Country Roads

Tobacco Barn

Did you know I’m really a country girl at heart? My office was closed yesterday so I went out to lunch with my mom and best friend in my little hometown (if you’re ever in Springfield, Tennessee you must eat at The Depot…it’s excellent.)

I have driven past this weathered barn hundreds of times growing up. The smell of tobacco and a hint of crisp air, just enough to tease you in early September, still takes me back to when I was a kid. Bonus points if you know why the barn is smokin’!

Speaking of fall in Tennessee, Amy from Milkbreath and Margaritas is giving away tickets to the Tennessee State Fair so go check it out.

I haven’t been to the state fair in years, but growing up we always went to our county fair. You haven’t lived until you’ve ridden the ferris wheel on the midway and eaten cotton candy. Sigh… In reality it’s probably not this idyllic. I mean there is the smell of pigs in the heat (which is, thankfully, different than pigs in heat.)

My 7-year-old just asked me if I miss living in the country. Sometimes I do, but then I think about being miles and miles from Target and Publix and well, I just may not be that strong a woman. Maybe that’s why country folk invented moonshine.


  1. Bluegrass Mama says:

    Beautiful picture! And the barn is smoking from the fire used to cure the tobacco.

    I’m still ROFL at your moonshine comment.
    .-= Bluegrass Mama´s last blog ..Name Calling =-.

  2. amy2boys says:

    Moonshine, which I’ve recently sipped, is just WOW. I think I could live without Target and without Moonshine!

    Thanks so much for the link to the ticket give-away. It’s gate admission and unlimited rides for 4! BYOCC (“buy your own cotton candy”)
    .-= amy2boys´s last blog ..State Fair =-.

  3. Jamie says:

    I have never sipped moonshine. Maybe I need to add that to my bucket list! (then again, maybe not)

    I entered the giveaway. It sounds awesome. I know my girls would love it.

    And Bluegrass Mama you get the bonus points! Love the smell of tobacco being fired!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Neat, neat, neat. You mentioned tobacco being fired in a comment to me about favorite fall things and I didn’t know what you meant. Now I do. I learn something new every day.
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..Cheeseballs =-.

  5. Mary@The Writer's Block says:

    You know, I grew up on a farm (crops, beef cattle) where my parents still live and work today in Bedford County.

    You ought to hear my little girl do her “impression” of country folk: “Howdy, y’all! I’m goin’ to the cuunn-tree!” So funny.

  6. Coma Girl says:

    When my family moved from Brooklyn to a NY suburb, we thought that was the country – “Why are there so many bugs and why do they make so much noise?, Where are the sirens and people screaming out their windows? What, you use a dryer and don’t hang your clothes out of your kitchen window? Mom, you need to drive me to my friend’s house”

    You REALLY lived in the country. There’s not enough moonshine for me to live far from a Target.
    .-= Coma Girl´s last blog ..Why I Love The Internet =-.

  7. Blonde Mom says:

    Coma Girl it is REALLY the country…trust me. We had chickens, cows, ducks, geese, peacocks, pheasant, guinea hens, cats, dogs, and lots of corn and soybeans. 😉 The nice thing is it’s really only about 45 minutes from the “big city” of Nashville. But that road used to be gravel in the late 70s so when it was paved it was a big deal. Also there is now an actual road sign. Yee haw! 😉

    Mama, you are welcome on the air card although I don’t really think I helped too much. At least I got the process started and then AT&T picked up from there!

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