Clueless In The Car Pool Lane

Dear Ms. Rudey Pants In The Tan Sedan:

There are two lanes in the school drop off line. TWO. DOS. One…two. If the left lane is full, please refrain from slowly nosing your land yacht into that lane, thereby nearly cutting off all traffic flowing in to the right lane.


Irritated In The Black SUV Because There Was Not Enough Coffee In My System To Deal With Your Idiocy Before 8 a.m.

Dear Other Lame Sedan Driver:

Once traffic is being motioned to exit, please do not decide to flip on your blinker to try to get over into the other lane. There’s a reason why the school officials working so hard to make morning traffic flow smoothly were giving you THE LOOK.


Holding Back The Flip Off Because I Was On School Property


  1. Blonde Mom says:

    My husband’s company info is on the back of my SUV so I must refrain from the flip off. But I can always vent on my blog. Mwaa haa haa haa. 😉

  2. WorkingMom says:

    You have so much more self-control than I do! I’d probably do a pre-coffee bird flip and then realize my family’s income level might now suffer because of it. We have a rather tight looping drop-off area, which contributes greatly to my favorites – the princesses that park their mammoth tanks at 8:35 right where the signs clearly say “No Parking between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.”, and the lazy ones who get to the front of the line, park, get out, and walk little Jack and Jill into the school because they don

  3. Kaye says:

    I am so proud of you! Way to take the high road. But have felt your pain. You will be so glad when the girls are old enough to drive and you no longer sit in that line.

  4. Lindsay says:

    This is why I’ve decided to just WALK my daughter to the front door. I really don’t enjoy being screamed at by school traffic monitors at 7:45 in the morning!
    .-= Lindsay´s last blog ..Sniff, Sniff =-.

  5. Jamie says:

    Lindsay, I am with you on the walking. I walked Miss C in to her classroom up until last Friday. It’s easier for me on mornings I have to drive into my office to do the car drop off lane or that’s what I tell myself. 😉

  6. Karen Hartzell, Graco says:

    Can’t relate to the “lanes” yet, but I can’t stand when someone parks too close to the line in a pkg space at school. Yes, I too have a car seat and a kid to unbuckle, so PLEASE LEAVE ENOUGH ROOM so I can open my door. If not, your car door may just show evidence of my annoyance. so there.

    Now…more coffee for everyone! lol
    .-= Karen Hartzell, Graco´s last blog ..Wondrous Wednesday #87 =-.

  7. Malia says:

    Which is why my kid rides the bus….don’t wanna model road rage in the school drop-off/pick-up lines!! LOL
    .-= Malia´s last blog ..Tethered =-.

  8. Todd says:

    I hate it when it feels like its moron day on the road and everybody wants a turn!! Alas, it happens when you’re walking, too. I took my kids to the California State Fair yesterday, and you’d think people forgot how to pay attention when they walked. If I had a dime for everytime my three year old almost got stepped on by someone munching on a deep fried twinky I’d be rich. Anyway, as someone who spent a year in north east tennessee, and who misses it dearly, let me just say that I love the blog!!!!
    .-= Todd´s last blog ..Karaoke Gone Wild =-.

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