Airing, And Sharing, My Dirty Laundry

Disclosure: As part of my review opportunity for Team Frigidaire, I agreed to post twice this month about my new front-load Affinity washer and dryer. At first I thought, “what the heck am I going to write about ,” but this was before I started using them…almost daily.

Frigidaire AffinityIn late July my 7-year-old daughter, Miss C, caught a cold from her little sister. She just couldn’t kick the cough and one night I really became concerned when she came to me and told me, “Mommy it hurts here when I cough” and pointed to her chest. It turns out she had pneumonia in her left lung. Cue the mommy freak out music as school was starting in a little more than two weeks. Thankfully within two days of starting on an antibiotic she was asking to go swimming and ride her bike (which I told her, “um, no.”)

Now what does this rambling have to do with my new washer and dryer? I don’t know about you, but when one of my kids gets sick I immediately strip their bed and wash their bed linens. I realized as I was about to start our new washing machine that we had a high temperature sanitize mode and you can better believe I used it.

Here are some additional features on my Affinity washing machine from Frigidaire that I’ve been using frequently (and loving):

  • Whitest Whites – I love using this for towels, especially. Socks get a beating at our house, too.
  • Delicates/Hand Wash – I have some nicer items I wear to my office that I like to wash on delicate.

Another bonus feature is the fact that the Affinity washing machine is incredibly quiet during the wash cycle. Both appliances are energy saving, too. I have yet to use the delay wash feature but I’d like to try this on a day I am scheduled to go into my office.

As far as the dryer, I am using the Towels/Bedding feature the most. Even though there are only four of us in our household, it seems like I am constantly washing and drying towels, especially in the summer if we hit the pool.

I also love the storage pedestals that are optional to purchase with the washer and dryer, something I would highly recommend. Our utility room is a long and narrow space and having additional out-of-sight storage is wonderful.

Now if I can just get the rest of my utility room organized, it will be the ideal laundry room!

Thanks again Frigidaire and Mom Central!


  1. Urban Mom says:

    Laundry is one of the few chores that I actually *like.* A chance to be alone, take some inventory, get a tangible sense of accomplishment…. I admire washers and dryers like guys admire cars. I am droooooling over these machines of yours!
    (glad to hear that Miss C is feeling better!)

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    Thanks! I was worried about her but she started the antibiotic on a Thursday and was honestly wanting to ride her bike by that Saturday afternoon. I wish I had that kind of resilience! 😉

    I am really loving having this new washer and dryer. Ours were old and worn out although they worked “okay” they were on the verge of dying out.

    I don’t mind doing laundry, but I tend to let the clean clothes pile up. I don’t like the whole putting away part of it!

  3. Nikki says:

    Just found your blog – a link from where you were a winner somewhere. Anyway, glad you are loving your new washer & dryer. We just moved and ‘inherited’ ours which don’t work nearly as well as the ones that we had in Houston. Thinking that gas dries more efficiently than electric. Anyway, glad to find you – I’ll check back again. Your blog looks like one I’d like to read.
    .-= Nikki´s last blog ..Aunt Kelli & Uncle Robert Visit with Amelia =-.

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