And You Thought Mom Jeans Were Bad

My husband likes to send me the crazy LOL viral videos.

All I can say is please for the love of all that is good and holy in denim let this be a joke. Levi Strauss is either rolling over in his grave or laughing his a** off.

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I love how the music picks up for the jungle theme pants.

When I was in elementary school in the late 70s one of the cool fashion forward 5th graders had a pair of Wiggles brand jeans. I remember I had to have a pair of these jeans or the Earth would fling itself off its axis and they were only available at a boutique type store in our small hometown. I’m fairly certain I drove my mother nuts begging for a pair of these jeans. I had a Dr. Pepper theme pair and a tiger theme pair with embroidery on the back pockets. Let me repeat. I was in elementary school, not a grown woman sporting owl eyeballs on my rear end.


  1. Amanda says:

    Unfortunately these are real. The guy lives in Oregon I think. I’m in SW WA, so our main news station had the story. He’s one creepy-looking fella and I can’t see these things as anything more than something kitchy to be seen ONLY on tv and never. ever. worn. Love your blog!

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