She Will, She Will Rock You

Sometimes the hubby and I look at Miss A and then back at each other knowingly as if we are both thinking “we are SOOOO going to be riding on this girl’s coattails of fame 20 years from now.”

We may also be thinking, “Holy sh*t we are SO in for it” when she’s a teenager.

I can see her now, rocking out on stage like Sheryl Crow with throngs of fans cheering her on and a limo out front and a closet full of the hottest shoes. Every style. Every color.

Wait a minute. That’s Hannah Montana.

Any who, our neighbor’s little girl gave Miss A a much coveted pink plastic toy guitar last weekend and she has practically slept with the thing she is so enamored with it and its promise of rock star girl glory. She’s played it so much that she’s worn a blister on her index finger. Yes, she loves it that much. She’s even got the “one, two, three” JAM look down.

Look out America. She’s got talent.

Guitar Girl


  1. kaydee says:

    have i got a son for your showgirl! No real pics of him on the site yet but our poodle has a great photo. (my main site is but it doesn’t seem to have a good feed link for com luv–it’s wp too) I do the same thing, look at him and wonder at the heartbreaker we are raising and then at the angel we have now. keep on loving
    .-= kaydee´s last blog ..just another mommy blog…: A very long post with way too many pictures and links… =-.

  2. Meg says:

    I love it! I was just like that at that age. Good luck with the teen years, I am still calling my mom and apologizing for the crap I pulled. Drama queens are adorable when they are little and dressed in a rocker girl outfit, but also can be a lot of trouble when they are vying for a coveted role in a high school musical! 🙂
    .-= Meg´s last blog ..Purple Mountain Majesty =-.

  3. Baby Travel Strollers says:

    I bet she really wants to be a rock star chick now too.. There may be no stopping her! That’s how it starts, just an insignificant hand-me-down or offhand gift from a friend. He he, she does look pretty cute with a pink guitar!

  4. I'm a mommy too! says:

    Gosh, wait until she gets the real guitar.

    When my son was little, he was learning to play the electric guitar. He was learning the song “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison. I love the song, but after hearing it chopped up 20 times a day I didn’t want to hear it for a long time! But, my son is an excellent guitarist now. He plays in his church contempary band. How proud I am of him!!

    Tell your daughter to stick with it!!!

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