Lies I Tell Myself About Summer Vacation

Girly Flip Flops

Miss A’s sweet summer toes. This picture makes me happy because I still see little chubby baby feet, even though she’s 4.

It’s OK if the girls stay up until 10 because they’ll sleep in the next day.

I can’t wait to lay out and relax at the pool while the girls swim.

The spider veins on my thighs are completely indiscernable to anyone but me.

Tankinis are not the swimsuit version of mom jeans. Nay, they are sexay!

I totally look like that 29-year-old mom in the bikini if I suck in my stomach…totally!

Popsicles are acceptable before 11 a.m. but not before 10 unless they are fruit flavored.

Ice cream is helping me fulfill my daily calcium requirements.

The girls need one more pair of cute flip flops.

Miss C is getting all the summer enrichment she needs from watching Sponge Bob and hanging out with my 76-year-old dad when he buys lottery tickets at the convenient mart.

Chasing after Miss A in the pool burns as many calories as water aerobics.

But the one that really hurts? I don’t mind being a working mom in the summer. The reality is I often daydream of being home with them in the summer and just hanging out, going to the pool, and having lazy unscheduled days. That is, until they start arguing. Then I’m kind of OK with the peace and quiet of my office four days a week.

What lies are you telling yourself this summer?


  1. cougars matures says:

    Lies I tell myself every summer? I want to spend summer vacation with my family (actually I want to spend it with my friends). But it’s okay to lie isn’t it? After all, no one will be affected with our lies except ourselves.

  2. Erica Stone says:

    This is my first visit to your blog and after reading a few posts, I came across this one. I realize the days of this summer have passed but I had to tell you I at least feel better now knowing I’m not the only parent who probably let a little too Sponge Bob get into our house. I knew I was in trouble when my six year old starting imitating Mr. Crabs. I’m only glad he’s not old enough yet to be expected to write a “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” report!

    Very sweet blog.

  3. Lesa Antone says:

    While I can relate to all your “summer lies,” my kids are now 16 and 17, so my summer lies are a little different.

    For instance:

    They’ll go to bed at a decent hour so they can get up to help with the housework now that they are home.

    Their friends really will go to their own homes at some point, right?!

    I can still do my big grocery shopping only once a week!

    My mascara, lotion, and straightener will be in my bathroom when I need them.

    They will clean up their messes after they get out of the pool!

    Surely they put gas in my car before they bring it back!

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