Karaoke Jesus

Miss C’s third Vacation Bible School was last week. Each year they focus on a different theme. Last summer’s exotic locale was a ficitious destination called Outrigger Island and this year’s setting is Australia. I’ve been walking around the house saying, “G’day mate!” and impressing her with my wicked Crocodile Mama accent.

Our awesome neighbors are in charge of the music at their church and Miss C always rides with them to VBS each summer. Otherwise I’m not sure how we’d manage to juggle VBS since I don’t get home from work until after 3. Because we’re tight like this (holds middle and index fingers together) we always get an exclusive copy of the official VBS soundtrack. This quickly disintegrates into annoying because these songs induce chronic ear worm. Before you know it you’re stuck at a red light singing “Boomerang Express…it all comes back to Jesus!” And you’re in your car. Alone. And your windows might be down.

We also have a karaoke machine and Miss C has been playing her VBS CD all week. This is kind of cute for about 5 minutes.  

This morning I was zipping through the house trying to get ready for work when I started singing the Boomerang Express official VBS theme song. I stopped, pretended to hold a microphone in my hand, and pointed to Miss A on the couch when I got to the “it all comes back to Jesus!” part.

She looked at me, smirked, raised her eyebrows and exclaimed, “I’m NOT Jesus!”

Miss C VBS

Here’s my sweet girl by the stage last night. I forgot my regular phone but snapped this with my iPhone. Not bad considering the low light.

Here’s Miss C two years ago at her first VBS when she was 5.




  1. Amy says:

    We were JUST listening to our VBS cd yesterday and you made me giggle because we were doing the same exact thing. Jesus songs have come a long way, haven’t they? So funny!! She is adorable!

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