THIS Close To Meeting The Wiggles

I’m very excited to have been selected as one of 15 bloggers named to Sprout TV’s Band of Bloggers. I’ve volunteered for boards in the past but I guarantee this is the only one for which I’ve received cool Born to Blog temporary tattoos. Oh yeah. Check out this fabulous logo the Sprout design team came up with:


The big news from Sprout TV is snagging The Wiggles. That’s right. After years of being on the Disney Channel, the Australian foursome are moving to Sprout in late August, so if  you have Wiggles fan at your house, stay tuned. This is big news in children’s TV. Think Sponge Bob switching from boxer shorts to tighty whiteys.

In other Sprout news, they’re hosting a fun contest to meet Chica. If you have a Sproutlet at your house, check it out!

In other blog news, did you know I launched a review blog last year? I’ve written a review about our recent family vacation to St. Augustine, Florida, and I’m hosting a fun giveaway for Little Debbies 100-calorie snack cakes. Typically I post giveaways on Savvy Housewife on Mondays and I’m working on a few more for this summer, including one for Subway and Applied Labels, a mom-based business here in Tennessee, so be sure to subscribe to my review blog’s RSS Feed.

Also I’m in second place right now for best local Nashville blog on Nick’s Parents Connect so I really need your vote!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Coma Girl says:

    If you have any pull with the people at Sprout, ask them why I cannot get the channel here on Long Island 🙁 It’s very sad because I have heard there are good shows on there.

    Someone’s a very busy blogger!

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