Strolling Down The Avenue That’s Known As A1A

Here are a few pictures from our wonderful family beach vacation thus far. Now that my shoulders have quit screaming for mercy we’re going to hit Vilano Beach. We had one Chevy Chase vacation moment Saturday when we were caught in a thunderstorm while sitting on the back seat of an open sightseeing train in St. Augustine and we all got soaked to the bone. It was one of those moments you knew you’d laugh about later, but you’ wish you could fast forward to that point.

It’s going to be tough to get back to reality on Thursday morning back home, especially when the girls realize that Daddy was kidding about me setting up a hotel style breakfast buffet with all the Lucky Charms, chocolate muffins, and fresh cantaloupe they can eat.

Castillo St. Augustine Florida

Castillo de san Marcos in St. Augustine.

Anastasia Park Florida

Anastasia State Park.

Albino alligator

Yes that’s an albino alligator.

Marineland Florida

Future dolphin trainers at Marineland.



  1. Angela says:

    Ahhh, I miss St. Augustine! Did you see the lighthouse? I loved the dolphin cruise we went on. My kiddo did Marineland for his birthday, it was awesome. We lived in Jacksonville until a month ago and spent several weekends in St. Augustine. Always fun.

  2. Charles Rinehart says:

    I’ve been going to this area since the late 1960’s. It’s beautiful here. Great blog.

  3. Miac, says:

    Hey common!! I get to go to Marineland every weekend. I am the future dolphin trainer. I am going to do a trainer for a day there. All of the trainers know me. I have been going to Marineland ever since I was born! So

  4. Rinehart Video Productions says:

    Couldn’t help but visit your blog again. I was born and raised in Florida, and was lucky enough to first visit Marineland and St. Augustine in the late 60’s with my parents. I absolutely love these areas. Great photos. I know you had a great time visiting. Hope people can visit my blogs on these places for more history and photos. All the best.

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