2,555 Days

Miss C:

You’ve given us 2,555 days of sunshine, smiles, love, happiness, and pride.

In the past year you have mastered roller skating and reading, danced and dreamed, completed first grade, and you’ve settled on becoming a horse trainer as a career goal. Never mind that we don’t even own a horse and we live in the suburbs. You dream big and I pray that you always do.

Thank you for always reminding me that nothing is beyond the imagination.

Daddy and I love you to the moon and back or, as sissy says, we love you one million!

Happy 7th Birthday to my girl of summer.









  1. Mrs. F says:

    Happy birthday, Miss C!!! What a little beauty!

    (Time moves too fast, no? My little man just turned 7, too. I am dying. When did I get to be the mother of a child so dang old?!?!?!?!)

  2. Car accessories says:

    Each child is different. Children can be extremely sensitive to different stimuli. With some it may be sound or colors. Your child may be reacting to touch or motion. He may grow out of it as he is more able to control things in his environment.

  3. Ashley @ mrs007.com says:

    Oh my goodness! I love to look back over the years 🙂 She is beautiful! Happy Birthday to Miss C from the internets! I can see you both in her but boy does she look like her daddy! I hope her day was ultra fabulous

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