The Show Must Go On

Miss C’s first formal dance recital went off almost without a hitch if you don’t count me sweating bullets over missing ballet flats. There was also the fact that her pricey must be a particular shade of “suntan” tights sported a small snag which grew to a small hole. I just had her wear the tights backwards since I knew no one in the audience would notice.

The true crisis of the day, however, was the missing ballet flats. Someone, I’m not naming any names, blew off the detailed instructions her dance instructor sent home which plainly stated names should be on all the girls’ belongings lest they get sucked into the great black hole backstage. Ahem. I think I’m going to invest in a case of Sharpies.


Miss C backstage wearing her dance costume with the detachable teal tutu so fabulous that I would borrow it if I could fit into it and it was not in the least weird for a nearly 40-year-old woman to wear a tutu in public. And here she is in December at her winter showcase, which a less formal deal with no bobby pinning of feathers required.

I was foolishly optimistic that whoever accidentally picked up the nameless slippers would bring them to Saturday’s performance. Of course I never did track them down Saturday and started to sweat as it was less than a half hour to show time but thankfully one of Miss C’s friends wears a similar shoe size and was in a ballet number later on in the program so Miss C borrowed her friend’s shoes for her routine. I can guaran-damn-tee ya’ll that I will forever inscribe Miss C’s name on every Earthly possession with black permanent ink until she turns 18.

Miss C’s class did a fantastic job with their ballet and tap routines and we celebrated afterwards with lunch at Sonic and somehow managed to order Slushies that color coordinated perfectly with her dance costume. A girl’s ability to accessorize even at a fast food joint is apparently innate.


Would you believe that this girly girl proceeded to kick butt in her soccer tournament Sunday?

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  1. Kel says:

    She is adorable! I totally agree…a tutu on a grown woman wouldn’t look the least bit out of place IF…you accessorized with a tiara! 🙂 Besides, everyone looks better with a tiara, don’t you agree?
    I’m glad you daughter had a wonderful recital!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    She’s beautiful. We just had our dance recital this weekend as well. The teachers made it very clear that names should be on everything because stuff walks away. I was so terrified we were going to lose something that I would need later that I walked around like a sherpa with all of her stuff.

  3. Maggie says:

    Hi 🙂

    After being a dancer for 15 years and being in my fair share of dance recitals, I grew up, went to school and became a costume designer. I’m so glad both you and your daughter liked her dance costume, because I’m the person who designed it 🙂 Happy Dancing!!

  4. Dot says:

    Came across this while searching on Google images and got all excited- I had the same costume when I was in fourth grade haha! Small world(:

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