Jack Bauer And The Ring Tone Dance

The hubby and I watched the season finale of 24 last night and I am emotionally drained. I had to drink a margarita to make it through all the heart stoppage AND take two aspirin when the whole thing was over. I can’t believe we have to wait until January to find out if Jack and Kim will be OK. Also, don’t you  just want to smack Miss Ice Cold Water in Her Veins Smuggity Smuggy Suit Olivia?

Moving right along, Miss A and I hit Big Lots Sunday afternoon and she wanted to look at toys. She had $18 burning a hole in her piggy bank and I suggested we find a replacement for her beloved lost Cinderella pink phone that Santa had left in her stocking. When we got home Miss C was vacuuming the hubby’s car. Some day their husbands will thank us for not raising little Paris Hiltons. They know how to bargain shop AND how to detail a car.

Miss A chose a cute Little Mermaid phone for a mere $6 and started doing this dance to the ring tone. If you listen closely you can hear Miss C in the background pretending to be a robot. Actually we all sound like robots in this video. I blame all the rain we had the past few weeks. It makes one a little loony. Thankfully the sun is out today.

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  1. Nap Warden says:

    I cheered when Olivia got taken into custody. Plllllt, busted!

    The rest wasn’t so heart pounding. I mean, you know Jack’s gonna pull through…he’s coming back for season 8 right?

  2. Coma Girl says:

    I WANT THAT PHONE! Heading to Big Lots, pray that they have it.

    My daughter lost her pocketbook 2 weeks ago and her princess cell phone was in there (along with $2!!) and I keep promising we’ll get her another phone. My husband’s old blackberry is not cutting it.

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    Our Big Lots has a large area on the back wall behind the toy section with lots of little items and this phone was in that section. It’s very cute with a little shell shaped case for the phone. 😉

  4. Children's Bedroom Furniture says:

    My better half has been pretty scared and upset by Tony Almeda turning against the good and being responsible for the untimely deaths of a lot of innocent people. She says his bad boy image went a little (lot) too far and because of this, she’s not going to be able to trust anyone anymore!!!

    She was a little solaced by the outcome of his true motive: Getting revenge for the loss of Michelle and their unborn son in the season finale.

    Of course Jack and Kim will pull through!!!

    Boy, January is a long ways a way…Sigh.

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