I Will Never Look At Dishwashing The Same

With Mother’s Day coming up, I can’t help but fantasize about my dream present (besides a private island with a margarita fountain and personal cabana boy at my beck and call). My own personal goal, seriously, is to have more time to spend with my family and doing things I truly enjoy. This is why I’m so excited to announce I’ll be working with Frigidaire this summer as part of their Team Dishwasher group of bloggers chosen to test, and keep, a gorgeous new stainless steel dishwasher as part of a new line of appliances designed with busy moms in mind. We own a Frigidaire refrigerator, so it’s a brand name we are familiar with and have been happy with. Our current dishwasher, however, is going on 10 plus years and has seen better days so I can’t wait for this beauty to arrive next month:


Hello lover…it is quite possible you will make my plain white appliances envious, to which I say, DEAL WITH IT.

Frigidaire is rolling out a great new collection of more than 250 kitchen and laundry appliances with time-saving features. A recent survey conducted by Frigidaire, The Frigidaire Motherload Index, showed that moms spend most of their waking hours–200 hours each month– doing the activities they least enjoy (how’s that for depressing?) And yet the majority of moms like me say they “rarely” or “never” feel caught up on our household tasks. Frigidaire kept all of this in mind when designing their new appliances. My new Frigidaire dishwasher features a Quick Clean dishwashing cycle that cuts the time it takes to clean dishes in half.

Frigidaire has so much confidence in this new product line that they are offering a “More Me-Time” Guarantee: Moms will reduce the amount of time they typically spend on housework by at least 8 hours a month using a combination of three or more select Frigidaire appliances or they can return the appliances to their place of purchase within 30 days and get their money back!


Frigidaire wants to know what you would do if you had more free time. Log on to Frigidaire’s website and click on the More Me Time link and list five things you would do with an extra hour each day. All participants will be entered for a chance to win an entire suite of NEW Frigidaire appliances (be still my heart), in addition to other great prizes, like a gorgeous new Frigidaire Affinity washer/dryer. You can also friend Frigidaire on Facebook and follow the entire Frigidaire Team on Twitter.

Thanks Frigidaire and Mom Central!


  1. Liz@thisfullhouse says:

    I’m very glad for you and envious, at the same time. Having a broken dishwasher and washing dishes by hand for the last 2 months. [heavy sigh] Interested to learn your thoughts. Congrats!

  2. Jamie @ BlondeMomBlog says:

    Thanks ya’ll. I am pretty excited about it. Our dishwasher’s control panel went out twice last year and I’m not sure it would last the year so I will gladly take a new sparkly dishwasher over one that we have to kick start!

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