Spring’s Firsts

img00034-20090425-1111I’m surprised her tongue still isn’t red.

This past weekend:

Hubby got the first sunburn.

The AC unit got crankin’ for the first time.

We had the first Icees of the season at soccer.

What can I say. Spring has officially arrived and my white legs, once again, are the last to know.

Speaking of spring and sunburns, I would love it if you’d enter my giveaway at Savvy Housewife for a cool swim shirt from UV Skinz, founded by mompreneur Rhonda Sparks after losing her husband to skin cancer in 2001.


  1. Rick @ Tiny Prints says:

    Not looking forward to the sunburns, especially when you’ve had as many as i have over the years…

    It’s in the mid-60s here so we’re hoping for a bit of a warming trend…not supposed to happen this weekend unfortunately.

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