These Boots Were Made For Walking, Now If I Can Just Get Her To Take Them Off

Miss A is especially prone to becoming very attached to particular articles of clothing. Case in point, she absolutely adores a certain pristine, never worn mint green hand crocheted baby sweater that my mother-in-law found packed neatly away in the attic and that is more than 30 years old. Miss A has been known to wear her sweater as the piece de resistance capping off many an outfit and will become quite defensive if you try to coax her out of wearing the coveted mint green sweater.

I’m learning, slowly, to choose my battles.

Her current fashion obsession, however, is a certain pair of black boots that are becoming more and more of an eyesore, especially now that it’s April. Not to mention the fact that they are really getting worn out.

Then again, we’ve had the wettest, gloomiest spring I can recall and most days I don’t mind her tromping around out in the yard in them. It’s just the actual wearing them in public part, you know, can get to me.

But then again, back to the battles.

Would you want to go against Princess Genie Girl and her Black Boots of Spunkiness? (Which, by the way, would be a fantastic name for a band, don’t you think?)



  1. Coma Girl says:

    I might prefer those boots over my daughter’s Hello Kitty pajama top that she is currently obsessed with. And we all know how pj’s get when they’ve been washed and worn too many times.

  2. Mrs. F says:

    Oh wow! My daughter has those EXACT SAME boots. And she wears them ALL. THE. FREAKING. TIME. Take, for instance, yesterday. Spring picture day at school. She wore a gorgeous brand new red sundress with white polka dots. I curled her hair and tied a ribbon into it. To complete the outfit she put on a pair of red stretch pants and those damn boots. (Should I even mention the fact that the zipper is messed up on one of the boots and sometimes there is a gaping hole in the bottom of the zipper?)

  3. Jamie says:

    Just FYI everyone the treasured boots were purchased at the very EXCLUSIVE, ahem, Payless. They have a cute silver heart buckle chain thingy on the sides. She was quite adament that she get a pair of boots after big sister got some and now. Well now she won’t TAKE THEM OFF! 😉

  4. Jennifer says:

    I’m so glad my little princess hasn’t found some clothing item to latch on to. It seems like they are always the most dreadful things.

  5. melissa says:

    that is so adorable!!! love it. it reminds me of when my daughter was around 4 and she had a tinkerbell outfit…which she wore EVERYWHERE. and i chose to not battle that one because there were going to be so many years ahead of her where she’d never be able to leave the house wearing a costume!! (hopefully)

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