Jelly Beans, The Easter Bunny, Chocolate, And Blood


Easter Sunday was quite momentous for Miss C, especially. Both the girls woke up excited to see the loot the Easter Bunny brought and we managed to make it to the 10 a.m. service at church without any major incidents. Miss C’s bottom front tooth was barely hanging in there and I had visions of her pulling on it and then bleeding all over her pretty pink plaid dress in the middle of church, but the tooth stayed put.

The tooth hung in there, again just barely, through lunch at my mom’s house and there was much angst over its extraction. Miss C was afraid to pull it herself and finally entrusted the hubby with the honor of yanking the first loose tooth. He looped it with thread and tied a double knot. One swift yank and a tiny bit of blood later and the tooth was out and secured in a ziploc bag that Miss C proudly stuck in everyone’s faces.

Last night after dinner at my inlaws, a jacked up on Easter and Tooth Fairy fun Miss C was talking a mile a minute from the back seat, all the while Miss A was completely zonked out from the rhythmic lull of our car cruising down the highway.

I was groggy and about to doze off myself when Miss C asked a question that stumped me and I was just too tired to be creative in my response. “Mommy why does the Tooth Fairy like teeth so much?”

I told her I wasn’t really sure. How’s that for honesty? I mean how am I to know why one particular fairy has a tooth fetish? I mean if you really think about it? It’s WEIRD.

And then she asked, “Where does the Tooth Fairy live?”

I finally snapped out of my sugar coma and said, “I think she lives in a big white shiny castle that looks like a tooth!”  immediately thinking “THE HELL?” I don’t know where I got that idea, but Miss C thought that was great. I blame it on being in a three dessert daze. (Note to self, never consume lemon ice box pie, chocolate sheet cake, and ice cream all in one day and expect to be at all coherent. I’m not even going to count the jelly beans and Laffy Taffy.)

This morning on the way to school I remarked to the girls, “We had such a great Sunday…the Easter bunny came, we went to Grandma and Mimi’s, and Caitlin lost a tooth!”

And then Miss C chimed in from the back seat, “And THERE WAS BLOOD!”

Forget any notions of a dainty ethereal fairy in her shiny tooth castle. When you’re 6, it all boils down to the coolness factor of blood.


  1. rhonda says:

    yep…my 7 year old still is entranced with the blood that comes with a lost tooth. I figure its better than her freaking out over it (i was never a “girly-girl” in that respect and don’t want her to be..)

  2. Beth (A Mom's Life) says:

    The Tooth Fairy lives in a castle that she makes out of all the teeth! At least that’s what we believe around here. We read a book about that last year and it makes sense…why else would she need all of those teeth!

    So your sugar induced coma explanation wasn’t too far off the mark!

  3. mayberry says:

    Yay, first tooth! (and quick thinking by Mom!)

    Last summer my daughter lost a tooth in a wave pool at a water park. Never did find that one but we had to go to the first aid booth to clean up the blood!

  4. Blonde Mom says:

    Miss 6 is 6 1/2 and I believe is the last kid in her class to lose a tooth so she was SOOO ready. I told her I have no idea when I lost my first tooth, but she’ll never forget hers since it was yanked on Easter Sunday!

  5. kel says:

    Oh I remember dq’s 1st tooth….she was hysterical, minimal pain, minimal blood…maximum drama and then once it was over…maximum cool because she lost her 1st tooth! 🙂
    Glad ya’ll had a great easter!

  6. Shannanb aka Mommy Bits says:

    Auh, losing the 1st tooth. How exciting. I probably would have been focused on the blood myself as I am pretty squimish. I almost passed out when Sean lost his tooth at soccer practice. Traditionally I make his Dad manage anything blood related.

  7. LeAndrew Taylor says:

    Thanks for sharing with us!

    And your ‘response’ was much better than mine!

    When my daughter lost a tooth a few weeks ago and asked me ‘where does the Tooth Fairy live?!’

    The ‘only’ thing I could think of to tell her:

    “Well, honey – I’m not sure, but I think she lives around the corner from Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus”!
    .-= LeAndrew Taylor´s last blog ..LT38: I entered the SUPERFAN Sweepstakes to meet the @MythBusters because #IMASUPERFAN ! =-.

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