On A Bike, Down By The River

Being water lovers especially fond of the ocean, the hubby and I can feel a little landlocked here in Middle Tennessee. Last weekend the weather was perfect for bike riding and we reveled in the fact that there is a beautiful river within walking distance of our own back yard. Well if not walking distance, biking distance.

We soaked up the intermittent sun and the smell of the river water, tinged green and running clean and high from many days of rain.

I also tried like heck to not muddy my new pink and white tennis shoes. A girl has her priorities you know.





  1. Jamie says:

    Thanks ya’ll. I have to admit that I tried sepia because the girls’ outfits were a little, shall we say, mismatched. 😉 I think I will definitely print these and frame them!

  2. Queen of the Mayhem says:

    Okay…..I laughed out loud at your title…..as…..that is one of my favorite SNL skits! A friend of mine has a large property that butts up to a river. We just had a bonfire there last weeked…and I had forgotten how much I liked it! Glad to see you got to enjoy some outside fuN!

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