For An Angel Named Maddie


If you frequent Twitter or read many mommy blogs you probably know about precious Maddie, the 17-month-old daughter and only child to Mike and Heather Spohr from California who passed away Tuesday. I don’t know the Spohrs but I started following their story via Twitter. Maddie was in the hospital, having trouble breathing, and the physicians were trying to determine what was wrong. I could not get her off my mind. There was one particular picture of Maddie in the hospital with an oxygen mask posted on Flickr that made it clear that Maddie was very ill. Miss C wandered up to stand by my side as I was on my laptop reading about Maddie and asked, “Who is that little girl mommy? What is wrong with her?” I told her she was a very sick little girl and that she needed special prayers. Later in the day I logged on to Twitter and I saw that Heather had posted that Maddie had to be intubated. My heart fell. On Wednesday morning I logged on to read an update, hopeful. Maddie had died Tuesday night. I cannot begin to fathom what it is like to lose a child…one’s only child.

In lieu of flowers, the Spohrs ask that you make a donation to the March of Dimes. Maddie was born a preemie, more than 11 weeks early, and spent 68 days in the hospital. You can read more about her incredible story at the Daddy Dan blog.

Nashville blogger Lotus has a great wrap-up post about the upcoming April 19 Nashville March of Dimes Walk team in Maddie’s honor. You can read about the local walk as well as walks in Maddie’s honor nationwide here. You can also make a donation directly to Maddie’s personal March of Dimes page.

Casey at Moosh in Indy, a very close friend to Heather, posted more ways to reach out in love to the Spohr family.

p.s. Something that happened last weekend keeps coming to mind. I went to dinner at PF Chang’s with my family Saturday to celebrate my brother’s birthday. I was laughing about the lofty predictions the fortune cookies made as we went around the table reading our little slips of paper because mine simply said, “Treasure what you have.” And I believe that is just what I will do in honor of Maddie.


  1. Sarcastic Mom says:

    Thanks for spreading the word, Jamie! So heartbreaking when something like this happens. Amazing to see the love rolling around the Twitterverse and the Blogosphere.

  2. rachel-asouthernfairytale says:

    Perfection Love.
    I’ve followed Maddie’s story for quite a while, adored Heather via interwebz and after meeting and hanging out with her at BlissDom… fell head over heels in love with her and her sparkling personality and strength.

    My heart breaks and yet the movement that Maddie’s short, yet powerful life has spurred. The awareness, the passion for a cause.. is wonderful and meaningful and life changing.


  3. Michelle -WhiteTrashMom says:

    Okay, once again, you made me cry.
    Earlier this week, a lifetime ago, I was just messing around on our Deep South Moms blog Big Tent account, spreading rumors that you did bad things for your recent press write up (you’d expect no less).
    I saw the tweets about Maddie. Miss you blondie.

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