A Tisket A Tasket, Another Freakin’ Easter Basket

I’ve never been very good at holiday traditions, besides Christmas, and I’ll admit that I probably need an Easter For Dummies book.

It dawned on me last weekend that Easter is coming up and that I’d better go ahead and buy a few things, lest I end up cramming quarter rolls into plastic eggs at midnight Saturday. Actually the girls would probably love cold hard cash, but I’m already struggling to determine what the bounty will be for Miss C’s first lost tooth, which from the feel of things could happen any day. Actually wouldn’t it be a hoot if the Easter Bunny AND the Tooth Fairy both came this weekend? My, oh my. That would be a weekend to remember.


The hubby as a bunny in 1975. Just because I use any excuse possible to post it.

Somewhere in an alternate universe I have lovingly starched to crispness gingham pastel monogrammed basket liners that are unstained from chocolate bunnies and I come up with fabulous themed Easter baskets for the girls, like “Butterfly Fairy Garden” or “Budding Fashionista Rock Star.” In reality the theme is something like “Random Stuff My Mother Found For A Dollar.”

I do know one thing I get right. There will be Peeps. Oh yes there will.

What are some non-candy ideas for girls’ Easter baskets? I have plenty of candy but I am going to pick up some bubble bath for the girls and maybe some other girly spa type goodies, like lip gloss, and maybe a fun new kite. Don’t mention sidewalk chalk. Quite frankly I have some weird disdain for the stuff.


  1. Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com says:

    My parents used to always give us a gift certificate to a book store and a little dollar puzzle or keychain.

    I hope the kids enjoy the holiday! Easter is one of my favorites =) And how could it not be one of theirs when they can laugh at their dad dressed as a blue bunny because of it?

  2. EG says:

    I must confess – I skimmed your post and thought, “I’ll suggest sidewalk chalk!” It’s so springy to me.

  3. Shannanb aka Mommy Bits says:

    When I was little we only received candy and a stuffed animal of sorts. I always wondered why some of my friends got clothes, etc.

    I don’t know much about girls, but what about dress up jewelry, or one of those bead kits?

  4. Carmen says:

    To kick off the start of warm weather (we’re in Houston), I got my kids their summer Crocs with some cute Jibbitz. My kids are younger, so my daughter is getting her first tea set and my son is getting a kiddie fishing pole. Basically I’m going for things Springy and/or outdoorsy. 🙂

  5. Jennifer says:

    I always buy the girls, a summer thing (in this case, a new nighty and a pair of sunglasses) and some sort of toy.

    I get them very little chocolate/junk cause it’s not good for them! I also don’t want them to think that EB is about chocolate.

  6. Jamie says:

    Thanks ya’ll for the ideas!

    Shannan, I always got a small stuffed animal (always a bunny), too.

    In the past I’ve also gotten the girls stickers, sunglasses, washable markers, new crayons, and one year I did get them pastel PlayDoh that came in what looked like a cute carton of eggs.

    I forgot I do have some My Little Ponies stashed away so I will add those, too!

    I like to keep the baskets fairly simple. Otherwise it gets out of control. Plus I’m already having a difficult time trying to justify the commercialization of the whole Jesus resurrection thing.

  7. jag says:

    I thought that was a picture of C, not hubby. I knew she looked like him, but wow.

    We always got some little toy, jellybeans and assorted candy, and then a chocolate bunny in our baskets. Have a great Easter!

  8. Jennifer says:

    This probably won’t help you now as our local Target $1 section is picked over, but I usually get basket fillers there. This year I got bangle bracelets, slinkeys, Hannah Montana (She’s your fav. right…lol) stickers, notepads, chapstick, etc. I also went to Five Below and each of the girls a small thing. Miss K has been wanting Transformers (I know go figure) so I got her tow of them. Got Miss A a notepad (the girl has so many and only wants more and more) and a Groovy Girls stuffer couch for her Barbie dolls. Other ideas are those cheap movies you can find at Target for like $5.50 or what about a gift card for ice cream, or any store they like. On Easter mornign the girls have an egg hunt and 1/2 the eggs have cand and the other 1/2 have quarters.

    For the tooth…
    For Miss K’s 1st she got $5, but then the Tooth Fairy stopped at 2 relatives houses and left a $1 at each place. We explained it was becuase it was her first and now she gets $1 each tooth now. Miss C still hasn’t lost her 1st. Miss K has lost 6 so far. She started losing them maybe 2 months after her 5th b’day. It’s been a while so I’m sure she’s due soon for one to become loose.

    Ok sorry to ramble. Haven’t been on your blog in a while due to life being busy busy busy:) Have a great Easter!

  9. Melinda says:

    In 1982, my parents were driving home, across Kansas, after spending Christmas with their parents. They were caught by a snowstorm and wound up staying overnight in Goodland, KS, in the only hotel with vacancies, a place that probably receives negative three stars.

    It was there, in that ghetto hotel, that my older sister (who, at the time, was five years old) lost her first tooth. (I was in utero, if you’re wondering.)

    It was also the last time we drove across Kansas to spend Christmas with family.

  10. Marcia@frugalhomekeeping says:

    I enjoyed your blog. Thought you might want some Easter ideas from an older blonde mom! I’ve been blogging about it for a couple of days. My ideas are usually cheap and easy because I was creating a “special Easter” with three kids in tow. Enjoy.

  11. Heather @ Not a DIY Life says:

    My mom has started sending Ladybug a new video for holidays. I think I usually got a book when I was a kid (I was a bookworm). I know you said not to mention it, but I saw egg-shaped sidewalk chalk at the store. My only disdain for the stuff is that my youngest niece insists on COLORING IN her sidewalk pictures. Doesn’t she realize the chalk will LAST LONGER if she only draws outlines??????? I don’t get kids sometimes!

    Ladybug is 22 months and will be get a sand bucket and shovel and some bubbles. She’s not into candy yet, and I hope to keep it that!

  12. Jamie says:

    Ya’ll I was pleasantly surprised at the Dollar Tree Tuesday night to find that it wasn’t completely wiped out of all potential Easter goodies. I got the girls cute pastel plaid/preppy headbands and Care Bears socks and a chocolate bunny to add to their loot.

    Once again I’ve probably got way too much to cram into a small basket but then that’s part of the fun.

    The Tooth Fairy is still waiting on Miss C’s tooth but it should be any day now.

    TeacherGirl I have seen that Mr. Potato Head…he rocks! I haven’t seen him in the stores here lately so I’m thinking he was pretty popular.

    I did see some very tempting sidewalk chalk at Publix yesterday. It was Crayola brand and it was shaped like real bunnies. It was really cute. But I resisted. 😉

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