Proof God Is A Southern Gentleman, Or That I’m Just Not Meant To Clean The Toilet

Yesterday after lunch I was home and doing a little housework. I’d tackled Mount Laundry and was about to descend upon the great throne in the hallway with a toilet brush. It was yet again another rainy, cold spring day (luckily I’m not working for the Nashville Chamber of Commerce again any time soon) but I was feeling defiant, having slipped into my black and pink flip flops to show off my hot pink painted toes. But I just wasn’t feeling the toilet scrubbing. Being the master procrastinator that I am, I took a break to check my e-mail and had a wonderful surprise: an e-mail from an associate features editor with Southern Living magazine!


I knew I’d done gone and become all domesticated, despite my inability to make mile-high meringue on a lemon ice box pie or properly sew a button on a pair of pants like my mother, when I became a hard core fan of Southern Living. I’ve attended the Southern Living Idea House here in Brentwood, Tennessee, several years ago, and my best friend and I also attended a Southern Living sponsored decorating event at Dillard’s. When I decide to actually cook something different, I know, I know…a novel idea, I know I can rely on Southern Living. In the late 70s, Southern Living published a small feature on the house that my mother had remodeled here in Nashville. So me and Southern Living? We go way back.

Enough of my rambling. I was really excited to be chosen as the Southern Mama Blogger of the Week on Southern Living’s new Live Healthy Blog. Apparently my weekly hip hop class inspired them. Check it out!

They’re looking for ideas for other Southern mom bloggers to feature on the Live Healthy blog, so be sure to leave your suggestions.

And I guess I’d better not skip my hip hop class this Wednesday.

Edited to add: I was checking out the Live Healthy blog and realized they also featured my fellow Deep South Moms contributor Anne Glamore from Tales from My Tiny Kingdom, as a Southern Mama Blogger of the Week. Congrats Anne! Anne has been dealing with chronic back pain from two spine surgeries so please stop by and give her some love.


  1. Musings of a Housewife says:

    Congratulations! That’s exciting. I love the Southern Living. My grandmother used to give me a subscription every year back when I was first married. I think she was afraid I was gonna go and become a Yankee when I moved to Philadelphia, and she was trying to keep my roots in Southern charm, if not in southern soil. 😉

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