1. Kaiton (RockstarMama) says:

    OH YEAH!! Boone’s Strawberry Hill got me through most of college. What about that $2 wine you can get at Trader Joe’s? That stuff’s not bad.

  2. Jamie @ BlondeMomBlog says:

    This stuff was really good for $7 a bottle! We got it at Publix in Destin. I’m still rooting for wine sales in Tennessee grocery stores.

    Glad I could provide some flashbacks to good ole Boone’s Farm days. I was more of a Bacardi and Coke and keg beer girl in college. 😉

  3. Brian H. says:

    Seeing your mention of Boones Farm brought back high school memories for me. Everything from stuffing a bottle down my pants to sneak into a movie theater (it was closed tight enough LOL) and then there was that time I tried selling a few bottles to a girl from my history class. I figured she wouldn’t have the money and drank a bottle during ROTC. I got busted a few hours later and expelled for two weeks. Ahhhh, such great memories.

    These are just some of the skeletons in the closet of a Church of Christ church planter : )

  4. Michael T. says:

    Hey, my wife and I drink “Cheap Red Wine” too. It’s surprisingly good, and it sure fits the budget for a family raising kids on one income. (And I love the generic label!)

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