LeapFrog Tag Reader Giveaway

Comment #39 was the random pick for the LeapFrog Tag prize pack. Amy, who commented, “I pledged 20 minutes per day (total time 10 hrs. 20 mins.). I love that a library is going to benefit from this contest, as well. Thanks!” is the winner. Thanks to everyone who entered!

I love to read with my girls but I know I don’t do it nearly enough as I should. In celebration of NEA’s National Reading Month, LeapFrog has launched 1 Million Reading Hours where you can pledge to set aside at least 10 minutes a day to read with your kids.

We reviewed the Tag reader back in the fall and it is a big hit with my girls, both my Miss A, who just turned 4, and my now reading chapter books first grader, Miss C. It’s great for beginning readers, especially, and the magic “pen” brings the special Tag books to life. There are also fun interactive games built into the Tag books and the library continues to expand. Miss A received the Dora Goes to School Tag book for her birthday last week and loves it. There are children’s reading classics in the Tag library of books, too, like The Little Engine That Could and Green Eggs and Ham.


Now for the fun part. You knew there was a reason why I was bringing all this up, didn’t you?

Leave a comment here telling me how much time you pledged in the LeapFrog 1 Million Reading Hours Campaign. I will randomly choose one winner from all eligible comments left by midnight (CST) March 31 to receive a green Tag reader (a 2009 Toys of the Year winner!), five books (chosen by LeapFrog) for your own use, as well as an expanded-memory LeapFrog School Tag reader plus an additional 10 books chosen by LeapFrog to donate to your local library!


  1. EG says:

    With a toddler you have to think in 3-minute increments! I pledged 20 minutes per day, which is 10 hrs. 20 minutes.

  2. Rochelle Bell says:

    I love these and keep eyeing them in the stores and thinking my son would love it. We read to him every night before bed and it has been part of our routine since he was 1 (he’s now 3). I have pledged 20 minutes a day, and love nurturing my sons love of books to match my love of books.

  3. Amy in OHio says:

    I pledged 10 minutes a day (she’s only two, so it’s tough to get through much more sit down time). It was five hours total.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Melissa says:

    I pledged 30 minutes a day with my kiddos (3 & 4). I love to read with them as much as possible because when we’re reading they’re not fighting! :o) This would be perfect to win! Thanks so much for the amazing opportunity!

  5. Mary B. says:

    My daughter is two and is just starting to ask for books to be read to her and really being able to sit for any extended amount of time. We love the Fancy Nancy series and a her new fav is Is there really a human race? by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell. Please count us in for 15 minutes a day (and the give away). I would donate those books to the library at the school where my mom works!

  6. Lynn says:

    I pledged to read 20 minutes a day to Catie! (I will read much, much more to my kindergartners!!) Thanks Jamie!

  7. vanessa z says:

    I pledged 10 min per day which is a lot with a 14 mo old!!!!! Good luck to the rest of you with fulfilling your pledges, too!
    PS I just love LeapFrog products, don’t you all?

  8. Chelsey says:

    We love to read. I pledged 20 min a day since my new three year old can’t sit still for too long! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Andrea V says:

    Great giveaway. I pledged 10 minutes to read to my daughter and son. Although we usually read at least two book apiece everynight and I’m sure it takes longer.
    vickers at comcast dot net

  10. Rose Hanson says:

    20 minutes….The LeapFrog products are great! I had some when my teenager was small, wish I would have kept them so her younger sister could enjoy.

  11. Tracey says:

    I pledged 15 hours and 30 minutes or reading with/to my nephews. It is awesome that part of this prize will be shared with a local library.

  12. DesignHER Momma says:

    we typically read two-three stories a day. So I’m guessing that’s 20-45 minutes a day. We are huge library fans – they know us by name. It would be awesome to bless our little urban library like this!

  13. Steph. says:

    I read 20-30 minutes a day is it is, so I pledged that. 20 minutes with my 3rd grader, and my 4 year old is now trying Dick and Jane and excited about it! She’d love it if I won this!

  14. amy says:

    I pledged 20 minutes per day (total time 10 hrs. 20 mins.). I love that a library is going to benefit from this contest, as well. Thanks!

  15. sandra says:

    i would love to win a tag reader for my kids. although i have twins so i would need 2 one pink and one green. i thnk they are the best entertainment in the world for my kids. and they are learning so much.

  16. Alayna Woods says:

    OOOh, we are a homeschooling family with kiddos 9, 3 & almost 2. I know my two littles would LOVE the tag system!! Thanks for a cool blog!!! :o)

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