Preshus Moments

One of the fringe benefits of Miss A’s unfortunate five-day smackdown with the fever, cough, runny nose trifecta (which turned out to be a double ear infection) was spending a lot of one-on-one time with her.

When she and Miss C are together Miss C tends to dominate the conversation so we’ve had some endearing conversations, just the two of us, especially in the car. Apparently I spend a LOT of time in the car.

There was this little comment yesterday that made me laugh…


“What baby?”

“I don’t like Christians!”

“What? You don’t like Christians? You mean you don’t like Christian?”

“Mommy, I LIKE Christian!”

(For the record, yes we love Christians. I didn’t go to church three times a week at a little Southern Baptist church growing up just to score homemade blackberry cobbler at Wednesday night supper.)

And then a few seconds later as we hit green on the last traffic light on the way home she pops up with, “Mommy Justin kissed me last year. I didn’t like it.”

And then later on the way to pick up Miss C (because apparently I live part-time in my car) from dance class Miss A uttered this classic: “Mommy my mouth feels funny. I have a party in my mouth.”

“You have a party in your mouth? What do you mean?”

“I’ve got a PARTY in my mouth mommy! Ooops and I just swallowed them.”

And then this morning when she was all bleary eyed and still sucking her thumb there was the classic, “Mommy I got sprinkles in my eyes.”

Yeah you may know them as eye boogers, but this girl calls them sprinkles. She’s such an optimist.


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