Because I Could Use A Laugh

I’m working on a post about my latest hip hop dance class and our new routine to Sexy Back (no seriously) but Miss A had a close to 103 degree fever all night so I am pooped this morning.

Speaking of poop, luckily I remembered today is ROFL awards day. The ROFL awards are brought to you each month by the lovely Jessica at Oh, The Joys and Chicky Chicky Baby.

I couldn’t decide which Mama T post from February to proclaim ROFL worthy because there are two that are so funny and then I freaking forgot to nominate her (but she won one any way). If I had gotten my act together earlier this week I would have ultimately chose the cat poo one. Because cat poo? It’s so dang funny and reminds me of something that would happen to me, only with one of our dogs. The only thing funnier than cat poo is your dog vomiting the second you are trying to walk about the door to hip hop class in some sort of evil universal karma to keep you from exercising.

If you don’t read Mama Tulip, the lovely, the talented, the Canadian, then I highly recommend you add her to your blog repertoire. She’s an excellent writer and I’ve been reading her forever (since late 2005). One minute she’ll have you crying and the next minute she’ll have you laughing your booty off.

So go read No Sleep Til Brooklyn: An Asstastic Timeline. Second runner up goes to Porno’s have been following me around my whole life. Also, if you’re my mom or someone who might be offended by language, just note that Mama Tulip does not hold back.

What bloggers make you laugh?

p.s. I am NOT a cat person as I’m allergic to them, but you should check out this ugly cat slideshow my husband sent me.


  1. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says:

    Hope Miss A. feels better soon and that you can catch up on your sleep! Sickness is the bane of a mother’s existence. Ugh.

    Got to check out the ugly cat slideshow. Just the fact that there was an ugly cat slideshow that someone put together made me laugh.

    Julia @ Hooked on Housess last blog post..

  2. mamatulip says:

    Aw, Jamie! Thank you! I’m glad that the fact that my cat gets shitknots makes you laugh! LOL!


  3. Blonde Mom says:

    OK I have officially added Big Mama to my Google reader. I used to read her and I’m not sure what happened.

    I don’t know about ya’ll, but I always need a laugh.

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