Skater Girls And Young Love

Miss C came home from school one afternoon in late January and proclaimed that we were meeting her friend Sally at the community center to go skating that Friday. Because I am the keeper of the social calendar and her personal chauffeur, I took note. This sounded interesting since she’s only been skating once.

I wasn’t sure what this meant so I called Sally’s mom to find out what the heck this was about. You know how your kids come home and announce some event and you have no idea what they are talking about? Or perhaps my 6-year-old is the only one who does that.

I spoke with Sally’s mom and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that our local community center opens the gym every Friday at 4 during the school year for an hour of skating. The skates are a little old, but it’s free and some kids bring their own inline skates or wear Heelys. It’s great exercise and we’ve made it nearly every Friday for the past 6 weeks. The bonus is watching Miss C become so adept at roller skating getting worn out, which is something I never mastered as a kid. I grew up eight miles from “town” and only went skating once or twice a year for a friend’s birthday party or a church outing. I was a big roller skating FAIL.

I started bringing Miss A to skate Fridays two weeks ago. Her feet are too small for regular roller skates so she wears skates that fasten over her regular shoes. As you can see, she’s also now a pro on wheels.

Cheese on wheels.

Double cheesie goodness on wheels!

Last Friday one of Miss C’s friends, Charlotte, who regularly attends skate Fridays, was absent but one of the boys in her class, Sam, came with his mom. This was the first time a boy had joined the group of skater girls. I asked Miss C where Charlotte was since she is usually there with her grandfather.

“Oh, Charlotte didn’t want to come because Sam was coming,” Miss C said, very matter-of-factly.

“Why not?” I asked. As far as I know, all the kids in Miss C’s class get along.

“Well, Charlotte thinks Sam is cute!”

Now I get it.

And these kids are in first grade?


  1. Kathy says:

    I remember how excited I was to find someone selling roller skates at our Girl Scout rummage sale. It was supposed to be to raise money for a trip, but I think I spent most of my profits on those skates.

    By the way, were you at the Loveless last night? I think I saw you and your family, but I was too shy to say anything.

    Kathys last blog post..Photo meme

  2. mayberry says:

    They are the cutest!

    A few weeks ago my daughter’s school had a family skate night and it was hilarious. At one point my daughter was skating while holding hands with a 2nd grade boy, who was also holding another 1st grade girl’s hand on the other side. Already!

  3. WorkingMom says:

    First grade? It started with our oldest in kindergarten. I won’t even tell you where things will stand when they’re in junior high – let’s just say treasure the innocence of it all now!

    WorkingMoms last blog post.."Mean Girls" Redux

  4. Jamie says:


    I e-mailed you, but yes that was us at the Loveless. 🙂

    Please say hello next time!

    Normally we go there for breakfast (which I HIGHLY recommend to all hither and yon.) Seriously good biscuits.

  5. Mom To A Three Year Old says:

    Lol! I can’t imagine young love to be really happen early! I better wake up before I realize that my daughter will soon be part of that world. I wonder how I will ever deal with that.

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