Oh Barbie, Bless Your Heart (You Old Hag)

Barbie’s 50 now, but she’s not aging gracefully. Maybe she had one too many Botox treatments and it went straight to her brain?

Ginger at GingerSnaps posted this on her Facebook account and I just couldn’t resist.

I joined Facebook last fall as somewhat of a skeptic (I mean don’t I spend enough time online?) but it’s helped me reconnect with several high school and college friends, not to mention get Mardi Gras beads and give karma and send Southern stuff and get Super Poked, although a few weeks ago I went ahead and deleted all my pending requests. The pressure!

Last night we met one of my old college roommates and her husband for a fun dinner out. I hadn’t seen my friend since the hubby and I got married in 1997. My friend and her husband were in town for a military ball tonight and had driven down from Cincinnati. The hubby and I were home by 11 and I went straight to bed, being the night owl that I am. Today I log on to Facebook and see that one of my bachelor friends from college got in at 4 a.m. Nothing like Facebook to make you feel like an old woman, but I’m still younger than Barbie.


  1. Cougar Woman says:

    How annoying the vid is no longer available. I have to agree with you when it comes to Facebook it makes me feel so old. Of course I can’t help but compare myself to everyone else on there. The trouble is all my friends like to contact me via Facebook these days, rather than with good old fashioned email.

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