Just Keep Swimming

June 2003, Miss C, 12 Months Old

Dear Miss C:

Seeing you swim across the pool today over and over again to your Daddy without floaties or any help at all made me so proud.

You didn’t give up. You kept swimming.

You, and your sister, are the reason I don’t mind subjecting everyone at the YMCA to my blinding white legs in February. Because come this summer it will all be worth it to see you swimming effortlessly at the pool.

I love you Miss C.



  1. feener says:

    u are brave, i send the hubby for the swim lessons in winter !!!

    feeners last blog post..Pilates a lesson in relaxation and confusion

  2. bill says:

    When my daughter was young, we forced her to take swimming lessons. She can now dive to the bottom of a ten foot deep pool … and I don’t freak too much. I’m glad we did it.

  3. Sharon - Mom Generations says:

    I watched your video and felt such calm happiness at Miss C’s comfort and confidence in that little pool. I can only imagine the joy at seeing her swim like a “big girl”! It’s certainly worth the blinding white legs… and sometimes even the no-shave!!

  4. Liz@thisfullhouse says:

    Oh…my…gosh, how precious is she. Then again, you know. I loved how she kept schooching her butt around and around and was that an almost sneeze, halfway through? Too cute!

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