I’ll Have What She’s Having

Every night at dinner as a respite from the crazy energy of after school and the hubby coming in (“Daddy, DADDY!”) from work and the dogs scrambling for primo vantage point under the kitchen table for maximum scrap position, we take turns going around the table and talk about our favorite part of the day.

Last night Miss A announced, “You know what my favorite part of the day was? When I sat in my teacher’s lap and got high!”

I know her teacher does seem amazingly calm for dealing with a room full of 3 and 4-year-olds.


  1. Rick Bucich says:

    To funny! Often my son says “up high” when he wants to be picked up or touch something out of reach.

    When he was learning to say “cookie” it came out sorta like “cook” but more like something else.

    Have a great weekend

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