Princess Meatballs And Red Wine

Yesterday I picked up some Disney Princess Spaghettios (yeah, yeah I rock) for the girls for dinner and when I opened the can I realized I had bought the kind with meatballs…the kind that makes the girls turn their noses up. To which I think, “Really? How can you turn down overprocessed pasta shaped like cute tiny tiaras with meatballs when all I got as a kid were plain spaghetti noodles with homemade sauce lovingly made by my mother? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GIRLS?”

So I did what any mother at 6 o’clock on a school night flanked by two hungry, whiny children would do.

I poured a tall glass of red zin.

Then I pitched the hell outta those meatballs.

“Girls I accidentally bought Spaghettios with meatballs, but these aren’t ordinary meatballs…these are PRINCESS MEATBALLS!”


  1. Shannanb aka Mommy Bits says:

    lol. Girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do. I’ve leveraged cartoons to get them to eat before. We eat Diego Quesadillas, Sagwa Veggie Rice, etc. I have no shame in my “get the kids to eat” game!

  2. Beth (A Mom's Life) says:

    What is it with little girls and meatballs. My daughter refuses to eat meatballs unless there is no sauce on them. Who wants a meatball without any sauce is what I want to know!

    And you are so lucky your kids will eat Spaghettios. Mine won’t do it so I have to resort to other processed pastas when I’m in a pinch – like Kraft Mac n Cheese!

    Beth (A Mom’s Life)s last blog post..The joy in the mess.

  3. Steph. says:

    I gotta tell you…I bought those too. My kids like the ABCs & 123s WITH meatballs only. I bought those and they wouldn’t touch them. I got all over them because what is the difference between ABCs and princess shapes really? So, I tried tasting them myself. They taste like ass…(grin)

    Steph.s last blog post..The family goat-getter

  4. Christy Crosby says:

    i tried them once for my daughter and she said mommy they taste like “throw UP” so we never bought them again 🙂

  5. amber says:

    LOL this was so funny. Magic meatballs! I love that. Good thinkin’ mom! Gotta be quick on your feet for the little ones.

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