The Hat

And you thought the Cracker Barrel was only good for biscuits and hash brown casserole. This is the pink tweed hat we got Sunday at the gift shop. Please don’t get me started on how grown up Miss C looks here for six. I wish I had her “looks great in hats” gene. The only hats I seem to do well at all are baseball caps at the beach or gym (wait, who am I kidding…when was the last time I set foot in a GYM) and that’s just to disguise the unwashed hair.


  1. Steph. says:

    Doesn’t everyone do the baseball cap to disguise dirty hair thing? I show up several times a week that way for school drop-off. God bless the ball cap! Maybe it’s a southern thing…

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  2. Blonde Mom says:

    Thanks ya’ll. The funny thing is she can be so self-conscious and then I whip out the camera and she strikes a pose.

  3. carolyn s says:

    She is definitely a cutie, and looks adorable in that hat. I know what you mean, I look awful in hats, too. My daughter look great, but at 18, she looks great in anything.

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