Diva Nashvegas

I’m not a diehard Celine Dion fan, but when Alli (yes Mrs. Fussypants herself) invited me to see Celine Dion Tuesday at the Sommet Center it took me about 2.2 seconds to say yes. I knew it would be a great show and considering I’m already experiencing cabin fever and have mentally written a post titled January Can Suck It, I really needed a girls’ night out.

I had a great time with Alli, Jessica and Jordana (and babies!) Because both breastfeeding and discussions about breastfeeding are totally appropriate over a big plate of spaghetti when you’re a mom, I had to blurt out at dinner that I had the only non-lactating boobs at the table. It was fun to be downtown on a work and school night for something that didn’t involve either work or school. I got home a little before midnight, just in time for Miss C to wake up feverish and complaining of a sore throat. That part of the evening was not so awesome. We’re headed to the pediatrician’s today for a strep test.

Here we are awaiting Celine. I dare you to not say her name like the Saturday Night Live skit. (L-R: Alli, Jordana and babes and Jessica and me in my ancient black velvet jacket that I will never get rid of.)

Closing performance…lots of emotion, light, and diva juju going on here.

Celine Dione was an amazing performer and the dancers were incredible. She seemed genuinely gracious and down to earth and went so far as to exit through the audience, reaching out to fans. I’ve seen several concerts at Sommet, from the Dixie Chicks to Jimmy Buffett to Prince, and I’ve never known a performer to exit through the crowd.

She had several wardrobe changes and I loved all the dresses she wore. I didn’t care for the sleek black rhinestone crotch encrusted britches and the white go go Boho look toward the end, though. I also totally admire her ability to work the stage in the highest heels I’ve ever seen in my life. She opened with “I Drove All Night” and ended with the theme song to Titanic, which was the perfect end to the evening. I may or may not have had goosebumps during a few of the more emotional ballads. Yeah, I’m a cheeseball.

Celine Dion is definitely diva material, but comes across as very genuine. Now if only I can talk to her about ditching the rhinestone crotch britches. I’m sure in Nashville she would have found a willing taker.

Thanks to Jessica for letting me post her wonderful photos and to Barbara Jones at the One2One Network for the tickets. I am really resisting the urge to superimpose my face on Celine Dion’s official tour photo and post it. I know you are thankful.


  1. kel says:

    that is awesome…so glad you all had fun! Oh how I wish I new other ‘blogger’ moms in the area. 🙁 Sorry Ali wasn’t feeling well…hopefully she is feeling better!

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