Saving This One For When She’s 16

In case you can’t read Miss C’s custom door sign, it reads, “No boy kids allowed. Keep out.” (The control freak OCD woman in me wasn’t very happy about her masking tape job, but I let it go. Oh the sacrifices we must make as mothers.)

I asked her if this new girl centric regulation included Daddy, and she replied, “No, cuz he’s not a boy kid!”

Pssssstttt…I was over at Deep South Moms today where I discussed the one fashion crime at church that I can’t quite bring myself to forgive.


  1. Amy@UWM says:

    Cute. We don’t like boy kids in our house either (and any kind of tape on the wall gives me the willies. I admire your restraint.)

  2. Amy says:

    Oh, now that is so funny! I also would be the SAME way about the masking tape thing. I was never allowed to hang anything growing up and now I know why my mom made that rule 😉

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