Ho Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Tums

I’m painfully aware that Miss C’s belief in Santa will slowly crumble until one day she approaches me, looks me squarely in the eye and says, “Mommy I know that you and Daddy are Santa.” Then my beating heart will grow cold and still, break into a million pieces, and crash to the floor like shards of a candy cane and tiny daggers of “she’s growing up” will sting my eyes and I’ll coerce her into helping us keep up the Santa charade for her little sister.

Really I’m hopeful that Miss C has at least two more Santa Christmases after this year. A few weeks ago, however, she started asking me fairly pointed questions about Santa that stirred a bit of panic and led me to think, “Oh sh*t. She’s on to me and this Super Saver Shipping Amazon order spree charade we call Santa.”

“Mommy why are there different Santas all over the city?”

This is where I muster all of my Super Mommy Powers to BS like a pro.

“Um, well…(stall, stall, stall) they’re Santa’s helpers. The real Santa is the one who delivers toys on Christmas Eve.”

This seemed to satisfy her until we started talking about leaving Santa cookies on the hearth.

“Mommy, Santa sure does eat a lot. How does he eat all those cookies?”

“Um, well (stall, stall, stall) remember he flies around the world and gives presents to all little girls and boys on Christmas Eve so he needs lots of energy.”

This satisfied her 6-year-old curiousity and we went back to reading a Christmas book.

Crisis averted and I now have a new excuse for eating all the cookies left out for me, I mean Santa. I need my energy to stay on top of my Santa game.

Mama Tulip (Katherine) in Canada has written a beautiful post about belief in Santa. You should definitely read it.


  1. Ashley @ mrs007.com says:

    Um yeah we are dealing with these types of questions as well. I think we can maybe stretch it out a couple more years. Hopefully! It’s such a good lie you know?

  2. staci says:

    Hi there, i googled mom blogs, i need a circle of bloggers…..lol just know your real close to the top of the google “mom blogs” list…this should be exciteing!!! anyway, i TOTALLY know what your going through its getting harder and harder these days to bs about jolly ole St. Nick!!

    ill be back!!

    stacis last blog post..Miss you…….

  3. mamatulip says:

    Our fireplaces are both gas and a few weeks ago, Julia asked me with great concern how Santa would get in our house without setting himself on fire. She then asked how he’d get in PERIOD, since we don’t have a chimney.

    I had no idea what to say – I was completely floored. I pretended I had to go to the bathroom to give myself some time and told her that Santa is magic and that he knows how to get in houses that don’t have chimneys.

    It worked. (for now, anyway…)

    Thanks for the shout out, Jamie! 🙂

  4. bill says:

    I play Santa at a couple of places. Once, a coworker told me that afterwards, her daughter had some questions, and she thought it time to ease the girl into the general idea. “That wasn’t the REAL Santa”, she said. Apprised, the child looked her in the eye and said sharply You mean you let me sit on a stranger’s lap?

  5. Kel says:

    Have you seen “ELF” – well theres a scene in the beginning about how people don’t believe in christmas and how santa has helpers…oh I totally show my kiddos that when they start asking questions. Yes, I too am dreading the unveiling of santa.

    Merry Christmas to you – hope you have a few more years!

    Kels last blog post..Monday Madness – Christmas Cards

  6. Burgh Baby says:

    I have the very distinct feeling that the Santa gig is going to be up entirely too early with my Toddler, and I’m SOOOOO not looking forward to it. Why do they have to grow up again?

    Merry Christmas!

    Burgh Babys last blog post..Proof that I Can Be Trained

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