Things That Go Oink In The Night

Miss A tends to be a night owl and last night was no exception. She was still wide awake well past 9 o’clock while Miss C had been snoozing for at least half an hour. I kept directing her back into her room and telling her to lie down, but after much pleading from her and insisting that she could not sleep I told her I’d be right there. It’s tough to resist such cuteness.

I curled up beside her on her twin bed and put Quacky the long-legged soft duck between us.

“Mommy tell me a story. Not a story in a book but a story you tell with witches, and monstahs, and scary ghosteses.”

I wondered to myself silently what kind of scary story would pass the 3-year-old approval rating system. The fact that Hal the Christmas moose was sitting by my feet and that we were snuggled under a pink comforter with flowers and butterflies was doing nothing to help me channel my inner Stephen King. Halloween seemed so yesterday. But a scary story it would be. At this point I was willing to spin any kind of yarn to just get her to go to sleep.

“Mommy tell me a story about the scary witch on the farm that says oink oink, OK?”

I wish I had one eighth of her imagination on those days I’ve got writer’s block.

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  1. melissa says:

    my son makes me tell him stories about mo-mo the monkey that gets in fights with dinosaurs in our backyard. i get tired just thinking about trying to come up with new ideas for these stories. i think i’m going to have him start telling them to me!!!

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