The Shopping Gene Has Kicked In

Miss C has been asking, nay begging, me to take her shopping for a pair of boots. Apparently a couple of her friends have been sporting boots and being a fashion conscious girl and a trend spotter, Miss C has now declared boots as the must have fashion purchase for fall and winter for 6-year-old girls. Due to various and sundry ailments and illnesses, such as Miss A’s persistent hacking cough and PRNFH (Perpetual Runny Nose From Hell), mama has just not felt up to a shopping trip. This is truly a sad of affairs as I’ll take any excuse to hit Target.

Earlier this week Miss C brought home a school assignment to make an animal habitat in a small box. She chose to make an ocean habitat and I told her I’d get a small sturdy box from work since we don’t have any shoe boxes at home.

“But mommy we need to go buy shoes so we can get a box!”

I knew instantly what she was getting at and raised my eyebrows at her. “Well, we don’t need to buy shoes. I can bring home a nice box from work.”

“But we can go buy BOOTS!”

I’ll give her an A for both persuasive technique and persistence.


  1. Steph. says:

    OH, my. You’re in big trouble when this one turns 16, I tell you. HA!

    Steph.s last blog post..Welcome one and all!

  2. homemom3 says:

    oh how cute, mine just went and got shoes last night. She didn’t mind much but her sister did. “Mom I’ll be out of my shoes in a few months. Shouldn’t we get some for me now too?” By the way she saw they had High School Musical and Hannah montana shoes for $15, she’s 8.

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  3. Karl Cook says:

    I’ll give her an A for being so persuasive. Oh well, she’s a bright kid… really finding ways to get her boots.

    Karl Cooks last blog post..The Benefits of Owning a Cellular Phone

  4. Lily says:

    I can not help laughing. Such a clever kid! She knows how to insist on things that she is eager cutely. She did it at this age, and I believe she will be an excellent person in the future! And I am curious about whether she received or not?

  5. Lucy says:

    This is a extremely bright and cute girl! She remind me of my younger brother. He did something that really made me can’t help laughing! As a elder sister of his, I had to dot on him because no one in the world can stand his lovely begging.

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