The Great Weenie Tossing Caper

Yesterday afternoon I took the girls over to my mom’s house so I could snap some pictures of them in a rare moment of coordinating dresses all in the name of securing a holiday card photo early…for once. My mother has a gorgeous yard, plus the hubby was assembling some new office furniture so it was a good time to get them out of the house for a few hours, lest he be interrupted every two minutes with “What’s that Daddy? What’s that do? Daddy can I help you?”

As we were leaving my mother did her usual scout the house out for things to send home with me. She grabbed a pack of hot dogs out of her refrigerator that she had just opened and I told her I’d give them to our dogs if the girls wouldn’t eat them. I put them in a shopping bag and set it in the foyer and then went around retrieving shoes.

A few minutes later the girls were ahead of me and out the door with the bag. As I walked out with their shoes I noticed that the hot dog package had been tossed onto my mom’s front walkway. And it was empty.

“Girls where are the hot dogs that were in that package?”

I knew they had to be somewhere and I knew they hadn’t wolfed down raw hot dogs.

Miss A looked at me guiltily with an expression that said “I did it” and shrugged. “Mmmm I don’t know.”

“Well they have to be out here somewhere. Did you throw them out Miss A?”

Just then my mom saw the hot dogs in the grass, right over her iron fence.

Miss C kept quiet the whole time and then we were finally on our way home and I still couldn’t figure out why the heck Miss A had thrown the hot dogs over the fence. Maybe she thought a neighborhood dog would eat them. Maybe she’s going undercover for PETA.

Late last night Miss A woke up with a coughing jag and while the hubby made a 1 a.m. run to Walgreens for cough medicine, I crawled in her bed with her. I was trying to keep her awake so she would take her medicine and I asked her again about the hot dogs. “Miss A did you throw those hot dogs out in Grandma’s yard today?”

“Ummmm no.”

“Did Miss C throw them out?”


I can guarantee you if I ask Miss C about The Great Weenie Tossing Caper she’ll tell me that Miss A did it so I’ll just have to write this off as one of many sibling unsolved mysteries of “she did it.”


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