Close Encounters Of The Sugary Kind

What you really need to see is a video of Miss A and Miss C running around the house after they ate the Pop Rocks, but alas there is no video footage of Girls Gone Wild on Pop Rocks, only photographic documentation of Miss A’s first Pop Rocks encounter.

p.s. I got all arty fartsy with the photo thanks to a cool website I read about over at Amy’s place. Yeah, yeah I’m always late to the party.


  1. Amy says:

    Oh, that is priceless! My kids never have candy and when they do, it is like that every single time. Hilarious! What a way to capture it!

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  2. rachel says:

    Oh my stars!! My kids haven’t had Pop Rocks yet, but this makes me want to run out and buy some and then have the camera handy! Too cute!!!

    Isn’t Picnik fun!!!

    rachels last blog post..Wistful Monkey: Wordless Wednesday

  3. Melinda says:

    The first time I ever had pop rocks was in a sunday school class (you know, those before-church kiddie classes). The teacher gave each kid in the class a handful of pop rocks. I tried a little bit, then I decided that I didn’t like it. But I was too embarrassed to give the rest of the pop rocks back to the teacher. So I excused myself to go to the bathroom and I dumped the pop rocks down the sink in the bathroom.

    Throughout the church service, you could hear the pop rocks, um, “popping” throughout the building’s plumbing.


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  4. Erin says:

    I heart picnik. I recognized it right away as a picnik!! I also love pop-rocks. We make a point to send them with any gifts we send to my stepdaughters and my sister-in-law’s kids in Chile!

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