Career Day

On Friday when I picked Miss A up from daycare she and her friends were gathered around their teacher, unusually attentive for that late in the day “let’s go crazy and party like it’s 1999” hour in preschool-ville. Then I realized she had promised them a chance to pick a prize out of the treasure box if they were quiet. Bribery…it works!

As I signed her out, Miss A fished around in the treasure box and pulled out a small green plastic snake. When we got in the car she was proudly waving her snake around.

“Miss A, what’s your snake’s name?” I asked.

“Party Gold Sparkles!”

Clearly she has a future as a Vegas showgirl, a strip club manager, or a member of the OPI nail polish color name creator team. Or maybe it’s just time to take a break from My Little Pony for a while.


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