Lots Of Estrogen, Lots Of Swag, Lots Of Blogging

I spent my Saturday in a dark bar with a bunch of hot women from the Internet. How’d you spend yours?

Seriously, a great time was had by all at Blissdom ’08 at the Hotel Preston here in Nashville organized by the talented women of Blissfully Domestic and sponsored by One2One Network and Epson.

I have to admit I was suddenly overcome with nervousness the first five minutes I was there because of an unexpected “uhhhh…meeting lots of new people” reflex. I wasn’t going to mention that, but I know some people go through that…so there you have it. Once I started talking I was fine, so much so that I probably didn’t stop talking ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT. Just ask Mrs. 007 and Lori from Front Porch Legacy, both lovely new bloggers from Middle Tennessee that I sat with.

Check out these Blissdom speakers:

Michelle Lamar (White Trash Mom) was not able to attend and I was bummed because I was hoping she’d demonstrate some mad Halloween tampon crafting skillz.

It was all very informal with lots of great hair in one room. I mean I could not stop wanting to touch the Queen of Shake Shake’s hair when we were talking, ya’ll. Leisa Hammett, a Nashville writer whose 12-year-old daughter is an amazingly talented artist, was also queen of hair for the day. So I’m obsessed with hair…I digress.

We were treated to an awesome performance by Jessie Baylin, who just appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Several of us went to dinner at Sunset Grill and I sat with some of my Nashville peeps and the Cincinatti crew: Shannan from Mommy Bits, Susan from Working Moms Against Guilt, and Amy in Ohio. I thought about taking Mrs. CPA’s adorable baby girl home with me, but decided against it.

Everyone there was just awesome and I know I am forgetting to link to some of you lovely ladies (like just now I am adding Ginger from Attention Target Shoppers and Missy from the House of Flying Monkeys). (Gush, gush, smooch, smooch.)

Me (yes I am that short), Malia from Live, Laugh, Love, Amy from Milkbreath & Margaritas, and Lori from Front Porch Legacy (she and Mrs. CPA get my vote for best Southern accents).

Mark your calendars for February when Blissdom STRIKES AGAIN. Will there be signature pink Blisstinis? I bet there will.

p.s. Thanks to Johnson & Johnson for helping me provide their great new Melt Away Stress lotion for the swag bags!

p.p.s. Secret Agent Mama has an awesome photo set on Flickr from Blissdom. She is an amazing photographer! Ginger at Attention Target Shoppers has a great recap…I met her Saturday and got one of her fun business cards.


  1. rachel says:

    I am still so dang sad that I wasn’t able to make it, and not just for the swag! *sigh*

    *chanting* February, February!!

    rachels last blog post..Dirty Stuffed Peppers: Mouthwatering Monday

  2. Jordana says:

    I had such a fun time for the little I got to stay. Maybe next time I won’t plan too many things at once.

    Jordanas last blog post..Overscheduled

  3. Amy says:

    Hey girl!! It was tons of fun! I also wanted to touch The Queen’s fabulous hair. And I noted in my post that Busy Mom’s hair was looking particularly sexay. (I had the hair fascination thing too – lots of very good hair in the room.)

    Can’t wait to do it again!

  4. Lori @ Front Porch Legacy says:

    Hi Jamie! It was so great to finally get to meet you at Blissdom. I’m so glad that I got to sit with you and Mrs. 007; and get to stare at the lovely hair that belongs to Amy of Milk Breath & Margaritas. Okay, Amy, I need your hair guy. I want your hair guy. Call me!
    And if you ever need to “hear” the South again, I’ll just holler across the hills and cook you up some good Southern grub too!

  5. Colleen - Mommy Always Wins says:

    Hey there fellow Blissdome-goer!

    Sadly, there just wasn’t enough time to meet everyone, and I missed introducing myself to you! I simply CAN’T stop reading all these recaps – it stinks to be back home and back at work!

    Hope to see you in February!

  6. Brianna says:

    I’m having so much fun reading everyone’s reactions to Blissdom. I’m sad that all I was able to do is send you all a copy of We Are Girls Who Love to Run – I wish I could have been there, too – REALLY, it looked AMAZING and I have SO much to learn about blogging! If you ever get a chance to review the book, please stop by my blog and let me know so I can send my readers over to meet you!

    Briannas last blog post..Tuesday Trials & Achievements: Support Your Favorite Authors

  7. Secret Agent Mama says:

    It was such a great event, and you did such a wonderful job giving a run down. I’ve added many more pictures to the set and might be adding a couple more. Every time I look at my batch I see another that I haven’t sent to edit.

    Thanks for the props; I means a lot to me.

    Viva La BlissDom!

    Secret Agent Mamas last blog post..Blissful Wordless Wednesday

  8. Malia says:

    I know I’ve said all this before but I’m so glad you came and that you stayed for dinner and that we got to hang w/ Amy & Busy Mom and the Ohio crew!! (Did someone ever get around to taking care of the bartender?)

    Malias last blog post..The Dreaded Four Letter

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