You Go Girl!

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday about some hip and lower back pain (don’t ask…it’s basically caused by Isitonmybuttwaytoomuchitis coupled with Ipickupacertain3yearoldwaytoodamnmuchitis) and as I sat in the starkly decorated examining room I glanced around for reading material that wasn’t a freebie handout from a pharmaceutical company. I saw a fairly new copy of Redbook magazine and as I flipped through the pages I landed on an article about blogging, so naturally I had to read it.

I stopped when I saw a familiar smiling face. My margarita buddy Nicole, who is now living in Charleston and who is founder of The Soccer Mom Vote blog, a fabulously informative collaborative political issues blog written by moms from across the country, was featured in the August issue of Redbook as one of six inspirational female bloggers!!! Check out Nicole’s page from the article here and while you are there, read about the other inpsiring women bloggers featured in the magazine. I tried to find a mention of this little media spotlight on The Soccer Mom Vote, but Nicole is not one to over toot her own horn. So I’ll toot it for her, dammit. She did do some personal horn tooting on her blog, Sitting Still, back when the piece published but I had not seen it in print. There’s just something about the printed word that seems much more “real” than online publishing. And that Blogland is the truth to this print journalism major who remembers typing Basic Reporting assignments on a typewriter in 1991.

p.s. Speaking of blog friends and amazing women, I’m very excited about attending Blissdom this Saturday, the first ever conference organized by the blog divas behind Blissfully Domestic.


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