Help Make A Difference In Our Public Schools

I know we are very lucky, or blessed as we say in the South, that Miss C attends a public school that is known for its parent volunteers and standout fund raising efforts. I challenge you to go over and read about the projects that need funding through the Donors Choose Bloggers Challenge. I promise if you skip the Starbucks this week or that extra Netflix rental it won’t kill you and think about how great you’ll feel if you make a donation.

You could make a huge difference in a child’s life by donating to one of many worthy projects in public school classrooms here in the South, from a music teacher who desperately needs a new piano for her post-Katrina chorus class to a kindergarten teacher who simply needs materials for a writing center.

Please go visit the Deep South Moms blog Donors Choose Bloggers Challenge page. This proposal (excerpted here) written by a New Orleans math teacher touched my heart…

Our school was impacted by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. The building took about a foot of water resulting in the loss of teaching materials, textbooks, and technology. The school was closed until August 2007. All students had to evacuate the area and had to attend schools all over the country. Many returning students were not able to come back to the homes they lived in before Katrina. Many of them had to live at least temporarily in different apartments or homes until their homes could be repaired or renovated. Some had to live in FEMA trailers, while other had to move in with other family members in a single family home. Others are still waiting for homes to be repaired. Many families are facing financial hardships because of Katrina. All of this has caused anxiety and emotional distress to a number of our students and their families…We need immediate help to recover, rebuild, and restore our school, to bring our families home, and to bring our children back to their neighborhood, their community and their school. This task cannot possibly be accomplished without the assistance of many. Please help me to bring laughter back to the school yard, learning back to the classrooms, and the joyful noise of a loving community back to this area and city.

So go visit the Deep South Moms donor page and read more about these hard working teachers, their deserving students, and their worthwhile projects!

Updated to add: Lotus at Sarcastic Mom has a cool giveaway incentive for everyone who makes a donation! Check it…yo.


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