Fist Fights, Fang Fingers, And Fancy Nancy

Just outside the Sommet Center, Miss C and the hubby strike a pose, while Miss A  disses the mamarazzi.

Miss C, Miss A, mommy and daddy were overjoyed when their good friend Mr. Lonnie offered them free tickets to last Saturday’s Predators preseason NHL game downtown in the big city. (Overjoyed is a fancy word for happy.)

Mommy told Miss C it would be chilly in the arena, so Miss C made sure she wore her most fabulously chichi pink scarf. (Chichi is a fancy word for, what else, fancy.)

Miss C and Miss A loved their first NHL experience. They munched on cotton candy and they became quite adept at “fang fingers” and shouting “Let’s Go Predators!” By the end of the game, Miss A was in her sock feet , though, and not paying a lick of attention to the game. She did a great job of flirting with the couple sitting one row up and nearly sticking a foot in Daddy’s super-sized draft beer. (Adept is a fancy word for doing something really well.)

Miss C and Miss A also were enamored with the fist fights on the ice. (Fist fights is a fancy word for white trash, but it’s all good when in the context of pro hockey.)

So do your girls love Jane O’Connor’s Fancy Nancy books?


  1. Blonde Mom says:


    We are currently into pink, Hannah Montana, Barbie, Disney Princess, leopard prints…anything with bling bling is timeless. 😉

  2. rachel says:

    Fancy Nancy rocks! She is one of our favs around here.
    I love Fang Fingers 😉

    That picture is precious and will be a true treasure in a few years.

    rachels last blog post..A Flutterby By Any Other Name

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    I checked a new one out at the library today…Fancy Nancy and the Boy From Paris…I think the girls will enjoy it!

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