Wondering About Our Daycare Curriculum

The hubby informed me that Miss A added a new word to her 3-year-old vocabulary last week when he picked her up from daycare: “squam.”

When he asked her what a squam was she explained, without hesitation, that it was “a boy and a girl mixed up together…that’s a squam!”

I’d love to see the flash card for that one.

Last night she rubbed her stomach after bathtime and told me she had “two babies in there!”

“Do you have boy or girl babies in your tummy?” I asked.

“I have a boy and a girl!,” she exclaimed proudly. “They are mixed up in there together…and they like to eat cereal bars!”


  1. Leeanthro says:

    Hilarious! It will be funny to see if she craves cereal bars when she’s grown and actually pregnant.

    When my daughter makes up a word, she’ll tell me it’s the Spanish word for something.

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