It’s 4 p.m. Do You Know What Your Babysitter Is Doing?

Dear Unsuspecting Parent:

While your babysitter, and I use the term babysitter loosely, was watching your kids at the dance studio yesterday she all but disappeared for a good 30 minutes. I assume she went out to her car (maybe she was talking to her boyfriend on the phone, chain smoking, or painting her nails), and let your older daughter run like a banshee on crack through the waiting area at the dance studio. One mom was trying to study (ha ha, yeah good luck with that), and the rest of the parents, like me, were trying to watch our daughters enjoy dance class and had no idea we’d be discussing what prescription anxiety meds and wine we were craving by the time class wrapped up, thanks to your daughter and your babysitter’s stellar skills.

I have to admit I gave your kid several evil looks while she tore through the waiting area, dragging her tiny bespectacled baby sister with her and two other kids whose parents kept shushing and scolding them and looking for your babysitter, who was AWOL. I am sure she’s a great kid though when, you know, an adult is actually there to supervise her.

But seriously, if your baby sitter drives a white Mustang and wears skinny jeans you should definitely fire her.

Love, Blonde Mom


  1. themommykelly says:

    The scariest thing of all is that aching question that can’t help pop into my mind… are you sure it wasn’t the children’s mother?! It happens way too often.

    As for sitters, I either know the girl or actually HAVE done a thorough background check. One just never knows.

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  2. Jamie says:

    I went about 40 minutes thinking that her mom was in the waiting area because the wild girl and her friend and cohort, a little boy, both had on the same school uniform and his mother did tell him a few times to settle down. But then the mom who was trying to study told me it wasn’t normally that wild and that she didn’t know where the girl’s babysitter was. Nice!

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