LASIK Stud MD and the Great Turn Off

Back in the spring I wrote about how I was runner-up in a drawing for free LASIK eye surgery at a local center that I have heard nothing but good things about (standard CYA disclaimer language). The hubby entered my name in the drawing at a local smoothie shop. I was initially skeptical that it was a scam when I heard the voice mail message on my cell phone, but it turns out it was indeed a local, reputable LASIK center with a surgeon who is pretty darn good looking, I might add. We’ll call him LASIK Stud MD just for grins.

I was disappointed that I didn’t win the free surgery, but I went ahead and scheduled a consultation for surgery at the discounted rate I was told I received as part of my second-place prize. The final price was still pretty expensive, though, but I thought it would be worth checking out to see if I was even a candidate.

About two weeks before my consultation appointment we received one of those coupon packets in the mail for local businesses. There staring back at me among the glossy coupons for spray on tans, deep carpet cleaning, and two-for-one baskets of tortilla chips, was LASIK Stud MD. The coupon was the exact discount that I was told I’d be receiving as part of my second-prize package. I cancelled my appointment the next day, even though mine also included a “free” consultation.

I’m not ruling out a date with LASIK Stud MD in the future, but honestly I don’t mind wearing my contacts (I’ve never had any problems with them) and for now it was just enough of a turn off for me to say no.


  1. Lisa says:

    That would peeve me too. Did you tell them WHY you canceled when you called in? If you didn’t, you should call back in & tell them. They should know their shady deals backfired!

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  2. Melinda says:

    You and I are so much alike, at least in terms of LASIK. I definitely have LASIK “on the radar” for someday in the future. I figure that someday before I die I will get vision correction surgery. But right now I’m using Focus Dailies contact lenses, and they are just so comfortable and convenient… LASIK is very expensive and your vision can continue to deteriorate after the surgery. So, since I’m using a fantastic and not too expensive brand of lenses, it just doesn’t make sense for me to get laser surgery.

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  3. Jennifer says:

    See, now I would have called their office manager and demanded double the coupon as your second prize, otherwise that is considered false advertising!

  4. Holly Schwendiman says:

    Nice, oh the marketing gimmicks out there… My hubby keeps saying this is on the docket for him one day but first he needs to be independently wealthy so he can take the required time off to hide in the house with his coke bottle bottom glasses…hee hee


  5. Beth_C (A Mom's Life) says:

    So glad you cancelled the appointment. Because now, you can be 100% sure that everyone who filled out one of those little forms got a call and was offered the little discount.

    And probably the Stud is just a model…

    Beth_C (A Mom’s Life)s last blog post..Miracle Monday

  6. JL says:

    I understand that it’s a business, but I really wish healthcare professionals wouldn’t use such underhanded marketing practices. I encountered some pushy sales tactics when I was doing my homework on lasik. I didn’t get to meet any hot doctors either. 🙁

    JLs last blog post..Lasik Surgery Video

  7. Lasik complications says:

    I’m surprised they actually held a raffle with a medical procedure as a prize, but then again Lasik is pretty safe. I know a few people who have all had great experiences with it, so even if you didn’t win the contest, I’d still recommend it 🙂

  8. Michigan LASIK says:

    That is horrible…if LASIK Stud MD offerred you a discounted price, it really should have been discounted. Did you bring this up with him and ask for a true discount?

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