When Swinging Mames

I took the girls to our neighborhood playground last weekend and being the wimp that I am, I stuck close to the shade .

I knew I wouldn’t be able to escape the heat too long before the swings, those temptresses of the playground, would be calling.

Before I knew it Miss C was chanting, “Mommy push me, mommy push me, MOMMY PUSH ME!” Miss C’s favorite swing is a large plastic seat behemoth of a swing, which is really designed for children with physical handicaps. I can barely push her in it. In the mean time, Miss A was playing “spy girl” on a ladder and started shouting, “Mommy help, Mommy HELP!” I knew she was just crying wolf but I started to turn toward her as I could feel the other parents on the playground looking at me and thinking, “Can you NOT help your child?” and then I stepped back toward the swing and turned to face it. Before I knew it all 47 pounds of Miss C plus the weight of the swing hit me directly on the bridge of my nose. And it hurt. Like hell. And I fought back tears. My nose had a little scab on it from being scraped by the swing until Thursday and although it was sore I definitely didn’t come close to breaking it, although for about .2 seconds I had fantasies of having rhinoplasty and getting a dream perky Christie Brinkley nose courtesy of my kids and a runaway swing. Too bad their piggy bank funds wouldn’t have covered the bill.


  1. Louise says:

    My sister’s boy actually did break her nose by bouncing back in her lap and hitting her nose with his head. She said it hurt like crazy but she didn’t go to the doctor. A couple of months later she was going to the doctor for another reason and he told her she had recently fractured her nose!

  2. Blonde Mom says:


    One of my co-workers got a broken nose the exact same way! (And it was her son, too.)


  3. Mike says:

    When I was a kid I had my nose broken in a fight and immediately reset it myself. I just grabbed it from both sides and popped it back in place… OUCH!

    I went to the doctor and he said he couldn’t have done a better job. So he left it alone.

    The problem that came out of it was another story. Evidently, my nasal passages somehow narrowed requiring me to have sinus surgery about a month ago (Aug. 29th). This is the result of a fight I got into thirty years ago, when I was a kid… double Ouch! My nose is hurting right now just thinking about it!

  4. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    Ouch! Oh yes, I’ve had that happen too – all 40+ pounds of Abby a couple of years ago, right into the bridge of the nose while she was swinging. My nose is throbbing just thinking about it… I hope yours is feeling better soon!

  5. Holly Schwendiman says:

    Oh dear! Those nose hits are downright dangerous. My daughter whacked hubby in the pool once and her pony tail holder cut his nose wide open! You can’t make them feel bad but DANG it can sure hurt!!


    Holly Schwendimans last blog post..Tuesday Toughies

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