Picture Day Fail

I vaguely remember seeing the school portrait flyer posted on the front door at daycare last week, but we use the side entrance. Yesterday was Grandma day for Miss A, so I missed the reminder they send home to parents like me who need a little mental nudge.

The hubby took Miss A to school this morning and as soon as he left he called to let me know it was picture day because I had picked out a pink and teal striped t-shirt and play khakis for Miss A to wear and even He Who Has Limited Fashion Sense knew what a color scheme trainwreck that would be with the traditional fall leaves autumn background the portrait company uses. He couldn’t run home to pick out another outfit and I have a staff meeting at the office so I couldn’t justify make the 40 minute roundtrip to home and daycare and back all for a new outfit so I decided not to sweat it and consider it at least $20 saved.

All kidding aside, the portrait company our daycare hires in the fall is not my favorite (they bring in an independent photographer for black and white spring photos that are more candid), but yet I always feel guilted into buying at the very least the smallest package. I’m just going to stay strong and save the big bucks for a holiday portrait of the girls. There’s no sense in having photographic evidence 20 years from now about the day mama forgot it was school picture day.


  1. cathy burke says:

    When my stepdaughter was 7 picture day fell on one of our weeks. She and I picked out an adorable plaid jumper, white shirt and tights. We laid them out together and I was bursting with pride.

    The next morning she came out wearing a purple and white jumpsuit belonging to her mom (her mom is 5’11” so it was a little big) with a gray stained tee shirt underneath (that had a bold red logo). It made my teeth hurt to look at her.

    She declared our chosen outfit “itchy” and refused to change. We did manage to brush her hair.

    We did not buy school pictures that year.

    I now have two boys and I sometimes let them sleep in the clothes they will wear to school the next day. They always look adorable and I am saving a fortune on clothing and hair accessories.

    Boys are easier than girls.

  2. Traci says:

    Don’t worry- there have been several times I have passed on the daycare pics. They don’t care one bit and I don’t have to fork out $$$ for pics of them that I don’ like.

  3. EG says:

    Whenever you feel the guilt coming on about the school photos, remember the school tuition check. Bye bye, guilt.

    I guarantee you that the pictures you take at home are better and capture the kids’ personlities better.

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  4. Holly Schwendiman says:

    There is SO much tado about pictures these days. My kids get it not just once, but twice a year now…spring and fall! Yay. Just what mom needs, more pressure to buy pictures when she already has the digital arsenal at her disposal at home.


  5. Liza's Eyeview says:

    Oh I am the same on “always feel guilted into buying at the very least the smallest package” even though the school photo was not that great. I told my kids that this year we will just buy the Class picture of the 1st one. In spring they will have another photo session and that’s a little bit better.

    Liza’s Eyeviews last blog post..The Hardest Thing In Marriage

  6. DBN says:

    Take them to Sears instead. We had good daycare pics one time and one time only. Since then they have used someone different, pbbbt.

    DBNs last blog post..Bring it on.

  7. Beth (A Mom's Life) says:

    Our preschool just started using a great photographer. The pictures they made last spring of my kids were the best pictures I have of them…they are both together and smiling and absolutely adorable!

    They were so good, I asked the director to make sure she had them here in November…just in time for CHRISTMAS pictures. If I could get a preschool fundraiser AND my Christmas cards knocked out at once, I would be a happy camper.

    Beth (A Mom’s Life)s last blog post..I think we have a problem.

  8. erica says:

    my best friend (who is a single father of two) is thinking of starting a business where he is hired to take candid “at home” photographs of people’s children at their homes. i have no idea how anyone would pay for this, but he assures me that people will. i think daycare photos are a guilt-free rejection, i’m sure your girls have their pictures taken almost daily, and those will be so much more treasured than any posed lameness. i love your blog, thank you for writing.

  9. Amy says:

    Way to not giving in to the “big” studios. Our schools do the plain blue for Fall pictures. They never look good but they are yearbook pics so at least the older two have to look kewl.

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